What is the best milk frother with a stand?

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It always surprises me how few milk frother manufacturers include a stand with their handheld frothers. Maybe this is to keep the price low but surely it can’t cost too much to include a stand? A stand is a practical addition to a milk frother and those that do include one literally ‘stand out’ from the crowd.

Although a milk frother not having a stand may not be a dealbreaker for some for others, myself included, it is. A stand means you can keep the milk frother easily accessible on the kitchen countertop.

The alternative is keeping the frother in a drawer with the potential to be damaged. For me, a milk frother with a stand is definitely the way to go.

The two stands side-by-side

And when we’re looking for the best milk frother with a stand there are two stand out devices. Both the Zulay Milk Boss and the Aerolatte milk frother are premium products and both include a stand though they are quite different in design.

Yes, there are a few other milk frothers that come with a stand but the Milk Boss and Aerolatte are at the top of the tree. They are both very powerful milk frothers, are very well-made from quality materials, and, relevant to this article, include a practical and stylish stand.

Let’s compare the two so we can judge which is the best milk frother with a stand.


Powerful milk frother.
Plastic stand.
Batteries included.
Two-year warranty.
Read our full Aerolatte milk frother review.

Milk Boss

Powerful milk frother.
Metal stand.
Batteries not included.
Lifetime guarantee.
Read our full Milk Boss review.

Comparing the milk frother stands

As you can see from the photos on this page the stands of the two frothers are very different and one is much more practical than the other. I know what you’re thinking. A stand is a stand – right? Well, not really. As we’ll see. Let’s look at each in detail.

Aerolatte milk frother stand

Well, doesn’t this look sweet? It’s a well-designed stand and is very practical. Made from plastic it sits squarely on your countertop providing a stable base for your milk frother. I like the way the milk frother simply slots in the stand and is easy to remove and replace.

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My only criticism is that I would have liked it to have been made from heavier material as it’s very lightweight. But it looks the part and does the job it was designed to do.

Zulay Milk Boss stand

Unlike the Aerolatte stand, the Milk Boss version is made from metal rather than plastic. It helps the frother sit upright on the countertop. The stand is secure, the frother won’t move around but…

It’s a little fiddly to use. The way the stand ‘grabs’ the frother means you must lower the device into the stand. And it isn’t easy to remove. You must hold the base of the stand with one hand and extract the frother with the other. It’s a minor inconvenience but a little annoying.

It looks nice on the countertop, but I much prefer the simplicity and design of the Aerolatte stand.

Milk frother Performance

Of course, there is far more to both of these milk frothers than just their stands. And no one is going to buy a terrible milk frother no matter how nice the stand looks.

So, we’ve looked at stands and aesthetics but how good are the milk frothers themselves? We’ve provided a link above to our in-depth reviews on each frother but to save you leaving this page I’ll briefly compare the two frothers here.

Comparing the frothers

The two frothers are outwardly similar and obviously are basically the same design. The Milk Boss is a chunkier piece of kit and slightly larger. It’s 24.9cm long and weighs in at 160grams compared to the Aerolatte which is shorter and lighter at 21.6cm and 141grams.

Two very powerful milk frothers

The Milk Boss certainly feels more substantial in the hand. But performance wise, there really isn’t anything to choose between the two. They both produce extremely high revs which means they are very powerful and make a foam in around 20-30 seconds.

The Milk Boss has a longer warranty but there is really very little that can go wrong with either frother. You’ll have no reliability issues.

Price wise the Milk Boss is usually a couple of pounds cheaper, but both are tremendous value for money. Honestly, if you’ve never owned a milk frother before you won’t go wrong with either of these premium products. But which do I use?

For a long time, the Zulay Milk Boss has been my go-to handheld milk frother. It’s always been dependable, but I must admit that the Aerolatte is now rapidly becoming a favourite. Not only because it looks so damn cool in the kitchen but also because it is a hell of a good milk frother.

So – which is the best milk frother with a stand?

If we look at the performance of the two milk frothers they are remarkably similar. There isn’t really much to choose between them. They are both powerful and do a fantastic job of making thick, creamy foam for your cappuccino. So, the decision comes down to the stand.

Despite my slight reservations about its sturdiness there is no doubt in my mind that the Aerolatte stand is a more attractive design and is far easier to use. It’s easy to remove and replace the frother whereas with the Milk Boss I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve knocked the stand over when trying to remove the frother.

So, all things considered, for me the best milk frother with a stand is the Aerolatte. You can buy it here.

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