What is the Aerolatte To Go milk frother and what makes it different? A users review

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The Aerolatte To Go milk frother is the exact same device as the standard Aerolatte milk frother but the To Go version is housed in a strong protective plastic case which makes it ideal for when you’re travelling. The case ensures your frother will always be in perfect working order even if you’ve lugged it through customs or are travelling on a staycation.

After seeing the Aerolatte To Go we’ve made it our number one choice as the best milk frother for camping. If you’re travelling and want to make sure you can always whip up a frothy coffee in your hotel room, at the campsite, or on a hike – you need the Aerolatte To Go.

What is the Aerolatte To Go milk frother?

As I mentioned earlier there is nothing different about the milk frother itself. It’s the standard Aerolatte design. What makes it different is that is doesn’t have a stand but comes with a protective case.

Aerolatte To Go with its sturdy case

By the way, you can read more about the device itself in our Aerolatte milk frother review. But it’s worth recapping the main points here:

Powerful frother than can make thick foam in as little as 20 seconds.
Stylish design.
Made from high-quality materials.
Comes with two batteries already installed.
Two-year warranty.

It’s worth pointing out that the Aerolatte To Go doesn’t come with a stand but the storage tube does mean you can keep it safely in a drawer when at home.

What about the storage case?

The case is labelled as a storage case, I’d call it a travelling case. It is after all a milk frother ‘to go.’ But anyway, that’s all semantics.

The two-piece case is manufactured from strong opaque plastic with a lid that is easily removable. When purchased your frother will have a black transit rod for added protection.

Keep the black transit rod for extra protection

This can be removed and replaced easily so I would recommend you keep it. It provides an extra layer of protection when you’re travelling with the case.

Why would you need a milk frother when travelling?

We all want to take the comforts of home with us when we travel. And although that is usually wishful thinking at least you can ensure you can always have a good cup of coffee no matter where you are.

As the milk frother is battery powered you can take it anywhere. Whip up a frothy coffee while you’re relaxing around your villa’s pool on the Costa Del Sol, enjoy a cappuccino while you’re sheltering from the rain in your tent on the Brecon Beacons, or relax with a latte in your hotel room after slogging up the M1 in nose-to-tail traffic.

Even using a milk frother with the instant coffee and milk in a hotel room will elevate it. And if you have room to add a French Press Travel Mug and a small bag of ground coffee you’ve got yourself the perfect portable barista kit.

In short – why wouldn’t you take a milk frother with you when you’re travelling?

How portable is the Aerolatte To Go?

The Aerolatte to go milk frother hardly takes up any space in your luggage or bag. Even with the case it only measures 21.5 x 4cm and the whole thing weighs just 138 grams. You’ll hardly know it’s there.

All ready for travel

Can the Aerolatte To Go be used at home?

Absolutely it can. It’s identical to any other Aerolatte milk frother. You may even prefer this as opposed to the one with a stand as you can pop this one into a drawer and not worry about it getting damaged.

Should I buy the Aerolatte To Go?

In a word? Yes.

Not only do you get a powerful milk frother, but the tough storage case will also ensure you can take it anywhere or store it in the kitchen drawer without worrying about it getting damaged.

As with all Aerolatte products it is thoughtfully designed and very well made. It’s a high-quality frother in a rugged case. Highly recommended.

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