What is a Frother?

If you've ever been to one of the large coffee chains like Costa or Starbucks then, chances are, you've already had the produce of a milk frother. A milk frother, as the name suggests, takes cold or hot milk and puts air into it turning the milk into a thick foam. This foam is then used to make the more traditional Italian coffees that we all love such as lattes or cappuccinos.

You can buy a version of the milk frother used in these stores that's ideal for you to use at home. They come in two basic types which are hand or electric powered and typically feature the following:417FbUkLCML

  • A container or beaker which is used to hold the lid. Most of the containers also have a sealed lid which prevents the foam from escaping when you're preparing the milk.
  • A foaming or frothing mechanism. These can be like small fans or spirals and obviously do the work of foaming the milk for your coffee. Some simply spin to foam the milk while others move up and down in addition to spinning to help reduce the 'foaming' time.

The electric foamers are obviously more expensive than hand operated ones, but do come with the convenience that some heat the milk and foam it all in one. This means you can leave it to do its job without intervention. The hand operated foamers are very affordable and whilst they do not heat the milk you can foam your milk in as little as 30 seconds with some units – making them super quick to use.

There is also one other alternative which is an electric hand held foamer. It looks something like a small whisk which is typically circular. These small foamers use battery power to spin the foaming mechanisn while you hold it in a container of milk. They're not as convenient as some of the 'self-contained' foamers but they are certainly much cheaper and would be worth while buying if you're looking at making your own Italian coffees at home but don't want to lay out on a more expensive, larger, electric milk frother.

Some of the most popular milk frothers are made by Bodum or Dualit (which can be found on this site). So, now that you're armed with a good understanding of the humble milk frother and its uses why not take a look at the range on our site?

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