Velvetiser Hacks: 10 Velvetiser Tips and Tricks

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There’s no doubt the Velvetiser has become hugely popular since Hotel Chocolat launched it upon the hot chocolate loving public. It’s fair to say it’s even become a bit of a phenomenon. Part of its popularity is down to how easy it is to use and that at its heart it is a remarkably simple device.

But like anything there are ways to get the best results and little hacks you can use to make your Velvetiser experience even better.

And in that vein, here’s our:

Top 10 Velvetiser hacks, hints, and tricks

1 – Follow the brewing sequence

To get the best results it’s important (surprisingly so) to follow the simple sequence when you’re using the Velvetiser to make your hot chocolate:

1 – Insert the magnetic whisk.
2 – Pour in your milk.
3 – Add the chocolate flakes.
4 – Replace the lid and click the ‘on’ button.

2 – Warm your cup or glass

The Velvetiser only heats milk to around 67°. While this is ‘warm’ it certainly isn’t ‘hot’ chocolate. The temperature is the biggest moan I have about the Velvetiser and it’s one you see repeated time after time in reviews.

Chocolate flakes and pod cups for Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

While you can’t increase the temperature the Velvetiser reaches, you can increase the temperature of your drink very easily by pre-warming your cup. Fill with hot water while the Velvetiser is making your drink, empty when your hot chocolate is ready and transfer the warm drink into your hot cup.

This works a treat and ensures the hot chocolate from your Velvetiser really is ‘hot.’

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3 – Clean the Velvetiser between drinks

The Velvetiser is of course a single serve machine. Which is fine when you’re making hot chocolate for yourself but not if you want to make multiple cups.

Fortunately, with only a 2 ½ minute cycle it doesn’t take long to make a fresh cup. But if you are making a second cup don’t do it until you have rinsed the Velvetiser out with cold water.

To get the best results the Velvetiser needs to be returned to a normal temperature before you make a second cup of chocolate. So, between cups do take a little time to rinse it out. Even if it means someone having to wait for their cup of hot chocolate.

4 – Make your own chocolate flakes

Now, be aware that Hotel Chocolat says you can’t use your own chocolate flakes with the Velvetiser. But they would say that wouldn’t they?

To be fair they point out that the Velvetiser is ‘calibrated to work with our graded size and weight of real chocolate flakes’ and that ‘excessively large pieces of chocolate can break your machine by creating ‘hotspots’ that can burn out the motor.’

All of which is fair enough. But making proper flakes which are fine chopped and weigh in at around 28grams per portion should be fine. As you’ll get around three servings from a 100-gram bar of chocolate, making your own flakes will work out much cheaper that the £1.30 each sachet costs from Hotel Chocolat.

Read more: How to make Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate without a Velvetiser

5 – Use your Velvetiser as a milk frother

One of the criticisms aimed at the Velvetiser is that it is simply a glorified milk frother. To some degree it’s justified but of course with a normal milk frother you can’t add chocolate flakes. So, labelling the Velvetiser as a glorified milk frother is well wide of the mark. But…

It can be used as a standalone milk frother. In fact, Hotel Chocolat have recently brought out The Podster – their version of a coffee capsule machine. And they recommend heating and frothing milk for their pod coffee with the Velvetiser.

6 – Don’t use a full sachet of flakes

This is an interesting one. Many people find that the recommended ratio of chocolate to milk makes the hot chocolate produced by a Velvetiser too rich.

But cutting down the amount of flakes makes a less intense flavour and has the benefit of making your sachets last longer – some users report only using half a sachet and still having a delicious and less calorific cup of hot chocolate.

7 – Split your sachets

Following on from the above a good tip is to empty all your sachets (if the same flavour of course) into a single container. This way you don’t waste any flakes and only use the amount of flakes you need for each cup. If you’re going for a half measure of flakes, then you’re looking at 15 grams of flakes per cup.

8 – Make use of syrups

It’s an easy way to change up your hot chocolate even when you only have plain chocolate flakes available. There is a huge choice of syrups to choose from with everything from mint to cinnamon.

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Don’t add your syrup to the milk and flakes in your velvetiser but pour into your cup / glass first before adding your chocolate mixture

9 – Use your Velvetiser in your home barista set up

As you may have noticed looking through the tips on this page the Velvetiser is surprisingly versatile. So versatile in fact you can make it an integral part of your home barista kit.

Many of us don’t want to outlay the cash needed for an all singing all dancing barista coffee machine like the Sage Espresso Touch.

But using the Velvetiser as a milk frother with a pod coffee machine or the AeroPress you can make a mini barista set up in your kitchen that will turn out wonderful frother coffees and hot chocolate.

And, of course, every barista needs the best hot chocolate maker in their armoury.

10 – Try iced chocolate drinks

It’s surprising the number of different drinks you can make with the Velvetiser. Certainly, when I purchased my Velvetiser I didn’t envisage using it to make iced milkshakes. As the Velvetiser heats milk – iced drinks do sound counter intuitive.

The basic method is making a hot chocolate as normal but only using half the quantity of milk. Pour the other half of milk into a glass with ice cubes and then pour in the heated mixture. Top the glass with ice cream and you have a creamy, milk shake. You can see the full recipe here.

While you’ have it on your mind why not join the debate on whether the Velvetiser is worth its high price tag. You can read more here: Is the Velvetiser worth it?

If you haven’t yet decided whether to take the plunge or not, you should read our Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Review.

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