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The Nobebird is an automatic milk frother with three settings helping you create professional barista style coffees in your own kitchen. I road tested the frother to see how it performed making different coffees and hot chocolate. The results were surprising.

First impressions

Taking the appliance out of the box was a nice surprise. The frother feels nice and solid and it has to be said it’s a really stylish looking device. I especially like the handle which not only looks good but the slight angle makes it easy to pour your frothed milk. But we’ll come on to that.

What’s in the box?

The main component is of course the milk frothing jug itself. It has a clear plastic lid which is where the second of the two whisks is stored. The first whisk is already in place.

nobebird milk frother whats in the box

What you receive when you buy the Nobebird milk frother. Including mysterious pink thing.

Also in the box is the power base with a short lead and standard British plug.

You’ll also find a plastic bag with a cleaning sponge with a plastic handle. There is also a pink plastic piece which I have to confess when I first saw it I had no idea what it was. Eventually I caught on. It slots into the white handle of the cleaning brush to extend it. Sounds so obvious now.

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The contents of the box is completed by an instruction manual.

Ok – enough preamble. Let’s get into our Nobebird milk frother review.

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Using the frother

Like most automatic frothers the Nobebird is really easy to use. To make your froth (or to heat your milk) it is a simple three step process:

  1. Ensure the correct whisk is in place (always use the whisk with the spring for frothing. Remove the spring when heating milk.
  2. Pour your milk into the jug up to the maximum fill line.
  3. Select your frothing / heating option following the process below:

On the top of the handle is an illuminated control panel. Or at least a set of icons.

nobebird milk frother showing frothing whisk

Birds eye view with milk frothing whisk in place

Pressing the power button cycles through the options. You can select:

  • Press once for hot foam (red).
  • Press twice for heating milk (green).
  • Press three times for cold froth (blue).

The Nobebird milk frother has an automatic shut off so once the milk is ready it will turn itself off.

And that’s it. Simply add your frothy milk to your prepared coffee base and create your barista quality beverage. Easy peasey.

Or is it?

First froth disaster

The first time I used the Nobebird milk frother it was a complete disaster. But it was totally my fault.

I misread the measuring guide inside the jug and poured too much milk into the frother. As milk doubles in volume when frothed this was obviously an accident waiting to happen.

Naturally enough the milk overflowed and made a complete mess with a milky river running down the counter top and gushing onto the floor. My bad.

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Important lesson. When using any frother make sure you don’t overfill it. Happily, that was the only major issue I’ve had with the Nobebird. Again, though, it was completely my fault.

My only other gripe is with the temperature of the milk when selecting the hot frothing function.

Warm not hot

To be honest this is an issue I have with all the automatic milk frothers I’ve ever used. The milk is heated to around 60 degrees. This is a warm rough temperature and you can immediately drink your coffee. But for me I like my coffee hot – not just warm.

nobebird milk frother lid and spare whisk

The lid which houses the spare whisk

It’s not a big issue, and to be fair you can easily get around it by making sure your coffee base is hot and you’ve pre-warmed the cup. But it still annoys me.

At least there won’t be any burnt lips which I guess is the whole point.

What does the Nobebird milk frother do?

Without trying to be clever – it froths milk. But that’s not all. It also heats milk. As I mentioned above you can choose from hot or cold foam or hot milk. The capacities, temperatures and timings can be seen in the graphic below.

Nobebird milk frother info card

Credit: Nobebird

Easy to use – easy to clean

The absolute worst thing about using any kitchen appliance is cleaning the thing after use. But you’ve got no worries whatsoever with the Nobebird.

Cleaning the inside of the jug is simplicity itself. Simply rinse with water and a tiny tab of washing up liquid and sponge clean. The lid can be rinsed and wiped down and a quick buff with a cloth will keep the outside of the frother nice and clean. Finally, you can clean the whisk by holding it under a running tap.

Cleaning the whole appliance takes less than a minute. And even the most washing up averse amongst us can’t quibble at that.

How does the Nobebird compare to other automatic frothers?

I have to say it stacks up well against other frothers I’ve used including the best selling HaddinEEon. And I have to say the amount of froth it produces is amazing. And it does it so quickly.

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I’ve been really surprised at how much froth it creates. It’s very dense and rich and perfect for cappuccino. It almost produces too much froth.

A useful tip is that when you pour out the heated milk use a spoon or spatula to hold back the foam. You can then top up your drink with the amount of froth you need.

I really like the nice clean look of this frother. As I mentioned earlier the handle is nicely designed and pouring the prepared milk is easy.

The illuminated panel on top of the handle is a really nice touch and makes the device super-easy to use.

nobebird milk frother hot froth indicator

The illuminated panel

An important tip is to always check you’ve got the correct whisk in place. The two plastic whisks are identical but adding the spring is what creates the froth.

If you don’t want to make foam use the whisk without the spring. You would do this when heating milk or preparing a coffee which only requires micro foam such as a flat white.

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My only major gripe with the Nobebird (apart from the aforementioned temperature issues) is the power cord. It’s only 26 inches long. You may think I’m being picky here but I’d much prefer a longer cable. But that really is a minor irritant.

Should I buy the Nobebird milk frother?

I was really pleasantly surprised at how effective the Nobebird is at frothing milk. It’s capacity isn’t large – but should usually make enough milk for two cups of frothy coffee.

nobebird milk frother review

Nice simple design

For it’s price (well under £50 at time of review) this frother is excellent value for money. If you’re new to the wonderful world of frothing this would make an excellent first appliance. Or, if you’re looking for a new automatic milk frother, I would have no hesitation in recommending this one.

The Nobebird is definitely one of the best frothers I’ve tested and definitely produces the most froth. I still use mine at home.

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