Tala Cocoa Shaker

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The Tala Cocoa Shaker Helps Liven Up Your Hot Drinks!

Now here’s a cool cocoa shaker if ever we’ve seen one. This retro styled shaker is immensely cool with it’s vintage shape and retro graphics.

And of course it does a great job of giving a light dusting of cocoa to your hot chocolate or coffee too! This is item forms part of a range of vintage styled kitchen accessories made by Tala and is made from stainless stell and has the Talo logo embossed on the base.

The Tala cocoa shaker measures around 11.5cm high and 8.5cm in diameter at the base. The attractive printing on the side of the shaker also features the names of various chocolate goodies.

The Verdict?

Retro is definitely in right now because of its futuristic yet vintage style and this little cocoa shaker has bags of 60’s style to go around.

If you’re like me, this is perfect for adding a fine dusting of cocoa to your cappuccino or on top of melting marshmallows on your hot chocolate – all in perfect style!

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