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The Severin milk frother range isn’t so well known in the UK. But they have a lot to offer and are direct competition to other well established brands in the automatic frother market such as Dualit and VonShef. But how does the Severin milk frother SM 9688 compare and is it worth the money? Let’s dive right in and find out…

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Severin milk frother SM 9688 – Overview

This Severin milk frother is a beautifully designed unit which boasts some impressive features and should allow even the most fanatic of coffee lovers to prepare the perfect foam to their exact preferences. It also uses a special kind of heating system to prepare the milk which ensures the milk should never be scorched (more on this later).

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Measuring just 18cm wide by 18.5cm deep by 25.3cm the Severin milk frother has a very compact footprint and should be able to fit onto even the most crowded of kitchen worktops. It comes with two easily interchangeable frother heads that are designed to either stir or froth the milk. This makes the SM 9688 ideal for those occasions where you want the device to only heat the milk to create hot chocolate, for example. It also features a convenient storage section around the back of the unit which can house the unused frother head to ensure it never gets lost.


Also included with the unit is a stainless steel mug in which the milk is prepared and a handy lid which attaches to the top to prevent milk from splashing out while the machine is working. The mug itself and the lid are dishwasher safe and makes cleaning the machine a breeze. This is a very important consideration because, after all, who wants to use a machine to make coffee that will take a long time to clean afterwards?

How To Use The SM 9688

It might surprise you to learn that the Severin milk frother features a few more options than a ‘standard’ milk frother. This gives you much more control over the quality of the drink it will help produce. On the front of the device is a large push button that switches the device on. Wrapped around this button is a twist dial that allows you to select the temperature of the milk. It ranges from preparing ‘cold’ milk through to 65°C. With ‘Warm’, 50°C and 60°C in-between.

Preparing cold milk is a feature common to most automatic milk frothers, but selecting the temperature level is not. We particularly liked this because some frothers can prepare milk that is a little too cool for our tastes. Adjusting the temperature will allow you prepare the perfect milky foam to meet anyone’s preferences.

Around the main center dial you will also find this units indicator light. This light along with a series of handy beeps will let you know what the machine is doing and when it has prepared a perfect foam for your coffee.

Severin SM 9688 Induction Milk Frother with Variable Temperature Control, 500 W, 700 ml, Black
  • Detachable, dishwasher safe stainless steel container, suitable to froth 120 to 350 ml or to...
  • Induction heat technology, no scorching
  • Cold or hot frothing, heat setting adjustable from approx. 40 to 65 C

Plugging the unit in causes the indicator light to flash and the unit to beep once. This effectively places the unit in standby mode and alerts you that it is ready to begin work. A sturdy, removable stainless steel mug plugs into the top of the machine and is where you pour the milk for heating. Inside the mug are two embossed max fill line indicators. The first line marks 350ml and is the maximum fill line for frothing milk. Overfilling it can cause milk to forceably be ejected from the top of the device (we don’t recommend doing this!). The second fill line is marked as 700ml and is maximum amount for only heating milk.

severin-prepared-milkOnce the mug has been filled you can place the supplied lid over the top and begin frothing and/or heating by pressing the power button. The unit will beep twice and start stirring/frothing and heating your milk. Once the desired temperature has been reached or the frothing cycle is complete the device will stop and beep several times and also flash the indicator light to let you know your milk is ready. Then all you need to do is remove the milk container and enjoy your coffee!

To heat the milk the SM 9688 uses an induction system which, in theory, means you should never scorch the milk because heat is never directly applied to it. However, if you want to stop the heating/frothing cycle for whatever reason you can do this by pressing the power button once. This is particularly useful when first using the machine because you may not always get your milk exactly as you want it the first time. So, if you notice that it looks good enough you can suspend the cycle and get your milk before it is ‘over’ prepared.

Other Uses

Just like any good frother you can use the Severin milk frother to make more than just coffee. It can prepare cold frothed milk, hot frothed milk and hot milk. Making it ideal to prepare anything from milk shakes to hot chocolate and even foam for desserts. You can also prepare much thicker foam by first frothing milk on a cold cycle and then frothing it again on a hot cycle.

Rather surprisingly Severin recommend using UHT milk because of its higher protein content which can produce a much richer foam.

What We Think About The Severin Milk Frother SM 9688

We were seriously impressed with the SM 9688. It packs all the great features of a good frother into one unit: it is easy to use, can be customised to suit your own personal preferences, it is easy to clean and is also very stylish. It does come with a slightly higher price tag than most other automatic frothers but given the extra advantages it brings we think the increase in price is well justified and believe you will be hard pressed to find a better unit.

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  • Mark says:

    I Bought this last week based on your helpful review. It works really well as you outline and I’m enjoying making coffees with it so far. Its not a bad price and a good little machine and I’m very happy with it. I’ll drop back after a while and let you know how I’m getting on with it.

  • Kristine Mathiassen says:

    Hi! Thank you for this 🙂 would you be so kind to share what material the whiskers are made from? Plastic or metal?

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