Script Latte Glasses – Pack of Two


If You’re Making a Nice Drink It Makes Sense To Enjoy it From a Nice Glass…

41dfUvd---LDrinking a delicious hot chocolate or coffee from a nice glass, for me, is part of the experience of enjoying a special hot drink. And these glasses do not disappoint.

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Made from thicker glass than you find on most latte glasses they feature a scripted writing printed across the side of the glass and solid handle. The design is elegant and the glass stands 110mm tall and 105mm across at it’s widest point.

This would make an elegant glass for some special latte art.

The Verdict?

Despite being a simple glass this one packs a elegant design and sturdy build. So, if you’re looking for a nice pair of glasses to enjoy your next coffee or hot chocolate from you can’t go far wrong with this pair made by Ravenhead.

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