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The Morphy Richards Accents Coffee Maker is a programmable filter coffee machine that can prepare up to 12 cups of coffee in only 10 minutes and can even be set to prepare a cup of coffee ready for you when you get out of bed in the morning – the aroma of fresh coffee is something that appeals to everyone, including those people who don’t even like coffee! It also features a hot/warming plate to keep the coffee it makes hot and ready to use.

Because this device only makes coffee it has a small foot print and measures only 21cm wide, by 23.3cm deep and 35.5cm high and this should allow it to fit into any kitchen without taking up much noticeable room. It also follows in a trend of increasingly stylish coffee machines and the Accents sleek curves and modern appearance replaces the boxy, clunky looking machines of recent years.

Inside the Morphy Richards Accents Coffee Maker you’ll also find what Morphy Richards calls a ‘permanent’ coffee grounds filter. The idea behind this is simple; this filter is made from plastic and should last for the lifetime of the machine – saving you money on buying the paper filter packs that some other machines require.

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With that said, if you want to speed up the cleaning of the filter or like the flavour advantages some filters provide you can still buy paper filter inserts which slot inside. Once the coffee has been used all you need to do is remove the insert and throw it away.

How to use it

Because the Accents coffee maker is programmable you can use it two different ways. The first is simply as an ‘on demand’ coffee machine, so you can prepare coffee just when you want it. The second way allows you to preset the machine to turn on and prepare coffee at set times – great for preparing a cup to enjoy first thing in the morning or to have waiting for you when you get back from work!

We’ll begin by looking at the first way of using the Morphy Richards Accents Coffee Maker . To start with you need to make sure both the water tank and coffee filter are full.

accents-tank-indicatorFilling the water tank is very simple, lift the lid on top of the machine and the reservoir is located adjacent to the lids hinge. It is important to make sure you don’t overfill this and also that you only ever use cold water – using hot water could damage the machine.

Now you need to make sure the coffee filter has enough grounds to make your coffee. This is also accessed through the lid and is located next to the water tank Typically you’ll need around 7 grams of grounds per cup of coffee for this machine. Although you can vary this to suit your tastes.

The filter assembly comes in two parts: the filter itself and the filter holder. Make sure both are in the machine – it is easy to leave one out! The filter holder gets placed in first and then the filter itself needs to placed directly into the holder.

Morphy Richards 162501 Equip Filter Coffe Machine Pour Over Technology for Fuller Flavour, Glass, 1000 W, 1.2 liters, Silver
  • Pour over technology shower head to create a fuller flavour
  • The permanent filter is easy to clean and no need to buy filter papers
  • The Heat resistant glass carafe and hotplate allows you to keep your coffee warm

Then all you need to do is close the lid and place the jug on the warming plate and you’re good to go. On the front right hand side of the device is the On/Off button. Press this once to start the brewing process and once more to stop it – easy!

accents-coffee-maker-timer-clockAs we move onto the timer function it is worth mentioning this is (only slightly) more complex, but if you can set a digital watch or clock you should have no problem with this.

You first need to set the time using the ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ buttons, you can do this when you first plug the machine in (the time will flash) and when the unit is in standby mode.

We mentioned that to to pre-set the brewing time was only a tiny bit complicated and this couldn’t be more true. Morphy Richards have made it incredibly easy to set the time as required.

To start with you need to press the ‘prog’ button once. Then using the ‘hours’ and ‘minutes’ button set the time you want the brewing cycle to start (exactly the same as you would when setting the time). Finally you need to press the ‘auto’ button to activate the pre-set brewing time. It really is that easy!

You’ll notice that when the pre-set brewing cycle is active a white light will illuminate on the front of the machine. Pressing the ‘auto’ button again will cancel the pre-set time and the white light will switch off.

A Note About The Warming Plate:

To help keep energy costs down the warming plate is not active all of the time. It operates for a total of 30 minutes after the brewing cycle is complete before automatically switching itself off. This makes it cheaper to use and complies with European energy legislation.

The Aroma Function

This function will please anyone who enjoys strong, rich coffee. Essentially it slows the brewing cycle down creating a more intense and deep flavour to your drink. This allows the water to permeate the grounds more thoroughly and extracts more of the essence and oils from the beans. The end result is a coffee that is more akin in strength to an espresso.

Parts and Accessories

permenent-coffee-filter-accentsOccasionally I can be a little heavy handed or drop things from time to time. So it is good to see that that Morphy Richards provides very good support and not only includes a 2 year guarantee with this product but also sells replacement parts on their website should you need them.

And, unlike some other replacement parts I’ve had to source in the past the prices are very sensible with a new filter costing only £5 and a new glass jug £16 at the time of this review.

Morphy Richards Accents Coffee Maker: Verdict

Morphy Richards is not a brand you would immediately associate with coffee makers, but in the Accents range they produced a simple yet hugely pleasing device which does a simple job very well. It can cope with preparing single and large quantities of coffee quickly and it’s pre-set brewing cycle will make one of the best alarm clocks you’ll ever have!

And, although it only prepares coffee, if you couple this will a decent milk frother such as the Severin SM 9688 or a Dualit milk frother you’ll have a quick and easy way to not only create fantastic coffees, not just when you wake up, but anytime you please.

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