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Unfortunately I’ve got a face for radio, an East Yorkshire accent and the camera really isn’t my friend. That said I’ve roped in a friend or two and we’re making milk frother videos we hope you’ll find helpful and even entertaining.

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How to use a manual milk frother

They aren’t the most common milk frothers but manual models are definitely the most fun to use. At least they are if you are as easily amused as I am. But apart from being fun to use, manual milk frothers are surprisingly effective. They really do make really thick foam. You can see how to use a manual milk frother in our video below. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

The easy way to make hot chocolate with a milk frother

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? And a really sweet, frothy hot chocolate is really easy (and cheap) to make with a few chunks of cooking chocolate, whole milk and a handheld milk frother. We show you the full process in the video below.

Latte art – free pouring and latte etching quick demonstration

Latte art is a bit of a mystery and what on earth is latte etching? In this short video we demonstrate both techniques. Hopefully, you’ll find a bit of inspiration.

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