Milk Frother Thermometer

A thermometer helps make the perfect coffee time after time


Getting milk to the perfect temperature again and again for coffee can appear to be a bit of an art known only by baristas. But now you can skip the barista training and use this handy milk frother thermometer instead.

Why you need a milk frother thermometer

If the milk you use for your coffee, cappuccino or latte is too hot you can risk burning the coffee. This gives it an unpleasant, bitter taste opposed to the smooth rich taste we love. Now you need never worry about over heating your milk because not only will this thermometer show you the temperature of the milk. It also has a handy ‘too hot’ warning area on the temperature gauge meaning you will never burn your coffee again.

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The thermometer is made from stainless steel and has a clip of the side meaning you can attach it to your pan/frother while heating instead of holding it.

The Verdict?

Here at Milk Frother World we love our coffee perfect every time and that’s why we love this simple, but useful thermometer. It’s affordable, easy to use with is clip and makes sure we heat our milk to the perfect coffee temperature each and every time.

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