Andrew James Milk Frother Jug – A Review

Milk Frother Jug

The Andrew James milk frother jug is just perfect

It’s not often that we describe a jug as gorgeous. But the Andrew James milk frother jug certainly fits that description.

Made from high quality grade 202 stainless steel it can hold up to 600ml of milk.

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This jug is ideal if you have a hand held frother or a machines that uses a nozzle for foaming milk. It has a sturdy handle which runs the height of the jug for easy holding and has a pouring spout to make sure your foam goes exactly where you want it to!

The Verdict?

We love the authentic ‘coffee shop look’ of this beautiful jug. When you couple that with the high quality steel and ridiculously low price of this item we think this item should be a must have for any true coffee lovers kitchen collection.

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