How to make a cappuccino with a milk frother

Every wondered how to make a cappuccino with a milk frother at home? Wonder no more. We’ll tell you how.

Cappuccino has to be my favourite coffee. It’s light, fluffy texture that’s rich but mild and it gets me every time! I know some people say this coffee is not as filling as others, but when you drink it by the bucket load (like the way it’s served in most coffee houses!) it certainly fills you up too!

Now, here’s the great part: you can make cappuccinos just like those served in the coffee houses at home; and it’s not difficult to do at all.

Follow the simple instructions on this page and you’ll soon be making your own cappuccinos that would make even the best coffee house green with envy!

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So, what’s in a cappuccino?

Well, before you can start making your own cappuccino it makes sense that you know what it’s composed of. A typically (good) cappuccino is composed of equal parts frothed milk and espresso – with a light dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon or cocoa on top.

cappuccino hot milk from milk frother

The milk sits on top of the espresso and a good foam is thick and creamy and has a consistency similar to that of shaving foam. If the bubbles are too large it makes for an unpleasant drink.

How to make a cappuccino – at home!

Make an espresso…

All good cappuccinos start with good espresso. Espresso is a strong coffee that you can make at home using a french press (or cafetiere).

You can grind some fresh beans or use a good quality ground bean from a supermarket. Add the ground coffee and some hot, but NOT boiling water to your cafetiere and let the ground coffee steep until is becomes a rich, dark brown colour and light is not visible through it.

This will take around 3-4 minutes although the longer you leave it the stronger your coffee will be.

Pour the coffee from the french press into an espresso cup to stop the coffee from cooling too quickly. (although a regular mug will work fine).

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Froth the milk…

Using a milk frother, froth the milk until it riches a consistency like shaving foam – the bubbles should not be large. Make sure you pour the froth over the espresso and not down the side of the cup, otherwise you’ll end up with a latte. Then dust the top with a fine coating of cocoa or cinnamon to taste.

That’s it! Simple isn’t it? The equipment you need to make your favourite drinks at home is really affordable and most of it can be found within this site. So why not take a look around and start making your own luxury coffees at home!

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