Judge Milk Frother

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A Beautiful Foamer By Judge That People Use On The Hob!

This gorgeous jug is also a sauce pot meaning you can heat the milk directly in the unit on the hob. Then when you're done simple take the frother off the heat and use the supplied plunger and lid to make perfectly frothy milk in 30 seconds. The wonderful thing about the plunger included with this item is that is produces a creamy and thick foam, not aery and light, which gives a really authentic taste to your cappuccinos and lattes.

The base of this frother is made from mirror polished stainless steel with a phenolic handle – giving it a beautiful appearance which is also very functional. You can also put this in your dish washer for hassle free cleaning and it can hold up to the equivalent of two jugs of milk.

How To Use It:

Simply pour in your desired amount of milk and place the frother (without the lid) onto your hob. Heat the milk to your desired temperature. It is often recommended that 55-65 degrees is the ideal temperature to heat milk to. Any hotter and you risk the milk sticking to the bottom of the frother. Milk which is too hot can also burn the coffee giving a bitter rather than a smooth taste. (If you're unsure you can use a milk frother thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature).

Once complete remove from the hob and use the plunger to froth the milk in 30 seconds! Simple!

The Verdict?

The simplicity and quality of this Judge milk frother makes it a sure winner. Especially as you can use the frother directly on the hob meaning you won't need another pan to heat the milk or glass jar to use in the microwave.  Couple this with the affordable price and you have something which is sure fire hit with the coffee lover in your life.


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