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If you’re searching for an easy to use appliance to make authentic Italian style foam for your coffee, you can stop looking. The Judge milk frother is a stovetop frother which produces fantastic thick and creamy textured foam. Just like the Italians make and perfect for topping off your homemade cappuccino and latte.

What’s different about the Judge milk frother?

Most of us will be familiar with the different types of milk frother (if you’re unsure you should read this article) but stovetop frothers like the Judge are the least common. We’ll explain in more depth shortly, but the metal jug is placed directly onto the hob to warm the milk, and once heated, the plunger on the lid is pushed up and down to create the froth.

In other words – no batteries and no direct mains electricity. This is frothing the old-fashioned way. And that makes it strangely satisfying. There really is something authentic about putting the jug onto the gas (or electric) hob to heat the milk.

But where the Judge milk frother truly stands out is in the quality of the foam it produces. It’s thick and luxurious and only takes around 30 seconds to make.

The first time I used this frother I was really surprised. To be honest I thought it was all going to be too much of a pain to bother. After all it’s much easier and faster just to stick a jug of milk into the microwave to heat up and then grab a handheld frother to make the foam.

But I have to admit this was a bit of fun. Popping the frother onto the gas was a bit strange and I was nervous about burning the milk. But all went well and when I actually used the plunger I was blown away by the quality of the foam.

The Judge milk frother produces a creamy and thick foam, not airy and light, which gives a really authentic taste to your cappuccinos and lattes.

Judge JA90 Milk Frother/Sauce Pot
  • Milk Frother
  • Stainless Steel
  • Can be used on the hob to heat the milk

A closer look at the Judge JA 90 milk frother

This is a nice-looking thing. The mirror polished stainless-steel jug and lid gives it a nice contemporary look while the plastic frother mechanism fits the profile nicely. The easy grip handle is angled away from the jug which not only makes it easy to pick up and pour but keeps it away from the hob when heating the milk. Overall, it looks very stylish but is also very functional.

How to use the Judge milk frother

Simply pour in your desired amount of milk and place the frother (without the lid) onto your hob. Heat the milk to your desired temperature. You’re aiming for around 65 degrees which is the ideal temperature to heat milk to.

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Any hotter and you risk the milk sticking to the bottom of the frother. Milk which is too hot can also burn the coffee giving a bitter rather than a smooth taste. If you’re unsure you can use a milk frother thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature. If you haven’t used a milk frother thermometer before I explain more in the video below.

Once the milk is heated remove the jug from the hob. It’s best to have a heat-resistant surface to put the frother down upon. Now for the fun part.

Holding the lid with one hand (use a cloth as the lid may heat up) grasp the plunger in the other and pump it up and down for around 30 seconds. After around 20 seconds you’ll see the foam begin to form and soon after you’ll have rich creamy froth.

Don’t be tempted to press the plunger too quickly. The amount of foam you make doesn’t depend on speed. A nice steady rhythm will do the job.

Once you’ve made your foam you can either pour your milk (froth and all) directly onto your coffee base or, the better way, is to use a spatula to hold back the foam as you pour the milk and then top up with the leftover foam to make a really creamy and foamy cup of coffee.

The verdict

The simplicity and quality of this Judge milk frother makes it a sure winner. Especially as you can use the frother directly on the hob meaning you won’t need another pan to heat the milk or glass jar to use in the microwave.

But that’s not all. We haven’t even touched on price yet. Yes, the Judge is more expensive than a handheld frother, but it is cheaper than an electric model.

At around £25 ($34) this frother is good value for money. Especially when you consider it comes with a 25 YEAR guarantee. Which is incredible. But the frother is extremely well made and if you use it correctly it will easily last for many years. And if it doesn’t you’ve got that brilliant guarantee to fall back on.

It’s all been positive so far. But what about the negatives?

What are the downsides of the Judge?

There isn’t too much to complain about here but one thing some users say is that the plunger can easily break. The plunger mechanism is of course made from plastic so yes, if handled incorrectly it could well break.

This is a problem with all stovetop milk frothers but to be honest you would have to be very ham fisted to break it. It will possibly weaken over time because of natural wear and tear but I believe those users reporting issues with brand new frothers are pressing the plunger too hard and fast.

The other downside is the fact that you have to use the hob to heat the milk. It doesn’t bother me but if you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to faff around the microwave is a much quicker and more convenient option.

The only other thing to think about is if you have weak wrists or suffer from arthritis. In your case you may find using the plunger uncomfortable and an automatic frother would be the better option for you..

The final verdict

What I like about the Judge milk frother

  • Makes great froth in 30 seconds.
  • Stylish design.
  • 25 year guarantee.

What I don’t like about it

  • Need to heat milk on the hob.
  • Plastic plunger could break if used carelessly.
  • Costs more than a handheld frother.

Should you buy the Judge milk frother?

All things being equal this is an excellent frother and I can highly recommend it. It’s fun and easy to use, won’t break the bank and if you have Amazon Prime you can buy it now and use it tomorrow.

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