Is a Velvetiser worth it?

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The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is incredibly popular but at over £100 is it really worth it? For a premium small appliance which is well made and makes great hot chocolate it is worth every penny but there are far cheaper alternatives if you want to make cafe-style hot chocolate at home.

The one and only hot chocolate maker?

I’m constantly amazed that more manufacturers haven’t brought on their own versions of the Velvetiser. There have been some Velvetiser dupes that have appeared in stores, but they’ve never lasted long, and I have never managed to get my hands on one.

If you’re looking for a bespoke hot chocolate maker your options are limited. The Velvetiser doesn’t have too much opposition.

If you look on Amazon, which after all is the world’s biggest marketplace, there isn’t another hot chocolate maker apart from the Velvetiser.

There are some milk frothers such as the Severin SM3587 which has a hot chocolate function, but no other dedicated hot chocolate makers.

However, that doesn’t mean there are no alternatives.

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Alternatives to the Velvetiser

I love hot chocolate. I drink it every day. But do I use my Velvetiser every day? No, I don’t. There are other ways to make hot chocolate equally as delicious as the Velvetiser produces and at a very much lower cost.

Milk Frother or Velvetiser?

Although there is a distinct lack of direct competitors there really is an easy alternative to the Velvetiser at about a fifth of the cost. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all.

With a handheld milk frother, a glass milk frothing jug and the microwave that’s already sat on your kitchen countertop you will have the perfect alternative to the Velvetiser. And at a fraction of the cost.

A superior quality handheld milk frother costs between £10 and £15. The glass milk frothing jug (any microwave proof glass jug will do) around about a fiver. So, for £20 you have a viable alternative to the Velvetiser.

How to use a milk frother to make Velvetiser style hot chocolate

It’s a pretty straightforward process but, of course, it involves more work than when you use the Velvetiser.

Making hot chocolate in the Velvetiser is beyond easy. Pour in the milk, add the flakes, and press the on button. Job done. Making your own hot chocolate with the help of a milk frother is more involved – you can see the process in the video below.

To sum up the process; chop the chocolate, heat the milk and chocolate in the microwave, when heated, froth for 30 seconds with a milk frother.

Interestingly, it takes the same amount of time to make your hot chocolate whether you use the Velvetiser (two and a half minute heating cycle) or a milk frother and microwave (two minutes to heat milk and 30 seconds frothing).

As we’ve seen, making cafe-style hot chocolate at home is easy enough no matter which appliance you use. But the object of this article was to see ‘is a Velvetiser worth it’? So, we’ll dig deeper into that now.

Let’s compare costs

Velvetiser £100
Chocolate flakes £1.30 per cup
Milk 30p per cup
Prep time – none
Making time – 2.5 minutes

Milk frother £15
Chocolate 20p per cup
Milk 30p per cup
Prep time – 30 seconds
Making time – 2.5 minutes

Making a cup of Hotel Chocolat chocolate works out at around £1.60 compared to 50p when using your microwave and milk frother though there is much difference in time to prep and make your drink, using the Velvetiser is far easier and less fuss.

Bearing all that in mind including the cost of the individual sachets of chocolate flakes, how can anyone say that the Velvetiser is worth its £100 price tag? Well, first let’s look at why the Velvetiser is so expensive.

Talking about design and build quality

hotel chocolat velvetiser review
It just looks so classy

Hotel Chocolat were very smart when they went about designing the Velvetiser.

Everything about the brand screams quality and they know their customers don’t mind paying extra for the quality they are getting.

Not to mention the kudos of shopping with such a well-known and attractive brand.

As a Velvetiser user I’m loath to admit it but… there may just be a little hot chocolate snobbery at play here.

After all, who wouldn’t have a Hotel Chocolat product if they had the choice?

But the Velvetiser has much more going for it than simply being a symbol of aspirational hot chocolate fans.

First, it really does look extraordinarily stylish. It’s an extremely attractive thing.

The shape of the jug and the clever handle just looks like it should sit alongside the Coca-Cola bottle as a design classic.

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But what really makes it stand out is the build quality. Made by Dualit the Velvetiser is very robust and beautifully put together. You can tell simply by holding it that the device is well made and only the best materials are used in its manufacture.

You just know this cracking little appliance will stand the test of time. In fact, I’ve had my Velvetiser for three years and it still works as well now as it did when I first took it out of the box.

Justifying the Velvetiser cost

You very much get what you pay for. Yes, the Velvetiser is expensive for what it appears to be – simply a device which heats and mixes chocolate and milk.

Making the argument for splashing out on the Velvetiser is like the argument you make for buying an expensive pair of shoes. Yes, they cost more but they look twice as good and will last three times as long as cheaper shoes.

The final verdict – Is a Velvetiser worth it?

For me, the Velvetiser is worth it. If you want a premium quality appliance which is well-made and makes great hot chocolate the Velvetiser is worth every penny.

But, at the moment with rising costs everywhere and the economy in the bin it’s difficult to justify such an expense when I’ve demonstrated that you can get more or less the same results using a milk frother.

The bottom line – if you have the budget then buy the Velvetiser as it is worth it. But if you can justify the expense to yourself but still want great hot chocolate you should go with the far cheaper milk frother option.

If you’re still on the fence, read our Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Review.

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