How to use an AeroPress to make frothy coffee: An illustrated step-by-step guide

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1 Remove plunger from the chamber.

2 Place a paper filter into the filter cap.

3 Twist the filter cap onto the chamber.

4 Place the chamber onto your mug or pot.

5 Add one scoop of finely ground coffee.

6 Gently shake the chamber to settle the coffee grounds.

7 Add your hot water to the level marked ‘1’.

8 Take the paddle and stir the mixture for around 10 seconds.

9 Insert the plunger into the chamber and press down slowly to force the hot water through the coffee grounds.

10 Remove the plunger and eject the used coffee. Rinse the seal immediately.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Very straightforward once you’ve gone through the process a few times.

However, I know it’s easy to miss a step or misinterpret the written word so let’s expand on those brief bullet points and illustrate each step with a photo to show the exact process.

How to use an AeroPress: An illustrated step-by-step guide

Let’s assume you’ve got to hand all the bits and pieces that came with your AeroPress, you’ve got hot water and some ground coffee. If so, you’re all set.

1 Take the plunger out of the chamber. Pretty straightforward and easy to do as you can see in the photos above.

2 Place the filter in the filter cap. Your AeroPress comes with plenty of paper filters. Peel one off the pile and place into the cap. You don’t need to wet the filter.

3 Twist the filter cap onto the chamber. There is a knack to doing this. Put the filter on your countertop, pop on the chamber, then lift up and twist the cap. You’ll feel the cap click nicely into position.

4 Put the chamber onto your mug (if making a single cup). This isn’t the way some people do it but it’s the process that works for me and I recommend you do this step now.

5 Add a scoop of coffee to the chamber (you don’t have to use the funnel as we have but it helps). There’s no need to worry about measuring the coffee. Use the scope supplied with your AeroPress and you’ll always have the correct measure. Remember to use finely ground coffee – you can use an espresso blend but really any fine grind will do.

6 Shake the chamber to level off the coffee. Just a gentle shake will do. You’re simply aiming to make sure the coffee you’ve added to the chamber is nice and level for when you push down the plunger.

7 Add hot water. The temperature of the water you use is down to personal choice. Don’t use just-boiled water but it does want to be nice and hot. Simply pour in the water to the level marked ‘1’ on the side of the AeroPress chamber. You can leave the funnel in place while you pour if you’re worried about the risk of spilling hot water.

8 Stir the coffee for about 10 seconds. Use the paddle supplied with your AeroPress and stir gently. Try to avoid splashing the mixture up the sides of the chamber.

9 Insert the plunger into the chamber and push down. You will feel resistance from the pressure in the chamber but this is normal. Push down until you have forced the water through the coffee grounds.

10 Remove the plunger. Take off the filter cap and eject the plug of coffee by pushing sharply on the bottom of the chamber. This is great fun and I have to admit I get a childish delight at shooting the tamped down coffee out of the plunger. Make sure you aim it at a bin though. Once done quickly rinse the end of the chamber under the tap.

And that’s it. You’ve brewed your coffee and are left with a double shot of espresso style coffee as you can see above. Now all you have to do is decide how you’re going to take it.

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Either drink black as an espresso or use it as a base for any number of lovely frothy coffees you can make with your milk frother.

As you can see from the above it’s very easy to use an AeroPress and you can use it to quickly make any type of coffee from latte to cappuccino to cold brew coffee. You can see more on our milk frother recipes page.

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