How to make Turkish coffee at home without a cezve

There are so many different types of coffee but for each of them it seems that you need different types of equipment. Short of having a dedicated section of the kitchen for all your coffee making bits and bobs, you might want to think of other ways to make your favourite coffee drinks.

Traditional Turkish coffee is prepared by using very finely ground coffee beans (you can use any type of bean) in a special pot known as a cezve. During the brewing process, the finely ground coffee sinks to the bottom of the cezve and the liquid left behind is what you consume.

You can see the process in our video below.

As you can see the process is quite convoluted. And certainly not one you can recreate in your kitchen.

Of course what makes this drink special is that it is far more highly caffeinated than many other types of coffee.

But if you don’t have a cezve (and let’s face it not many of us do), the question remains: can you make Turkish coffee without a cezve?

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The good news is that it is perfectly possible to make Turkish coffee without having to go out and buy a traditional pot. Any type of small pot will do so nobody has to miss out.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at how to make Turkish coffee without a cezve and whether you will get the same results.

Does making Turkish coffee without a cezve retain traditional flavour?

Simply put, you can make Turkish coffee without a cezve. Although we should point out that it is possible to pick up a very affordable cezve on Amazon, often for under £20. If you’re planning on having a lot of Turkish coffee, it might simply be worth the small investment.

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However, if you don’t want to buy a traditional pot, it is possible to do without it and the good news is that you’ll end up with something pretty similar. The key is to make sure that the beans are as finely ground as possible as this is what will give you that traditional flavour.

More often than not, regular coffee grinders won’t have the capacity to grind the beans finely enough so if you’re going to invest in anything, it will need to be a commercial grinder. Do this and it doesn’t matter what you brew the coffee in, you’ll still get a tasty result.

Step by step guide on how to make Turkish coffee without a cezve

Start by grinding your coffee beans. This is one of the most important steps as you will need to make sure that they are very finely ground.

Now find a heat proof cup or pot that will withstand being on the stove and add your coffee along with some water. Keep in mind that cezves are small pots and don’t typically come much bigger than 16 ounces so for the most traditional result, find a small cup.

Now place your cup onto a low heat and bring it to the boil. Foam will develop and you can allow this to bubble all the way to the top of the cup before removing it from the heat.

Give the coffee a few seconds to cool off and then place the cup back onto the stove and repeat the process. You can repeat the process twice if you prefer.

It’s now time to serve your coffee in small cups similar to what you would serve espresso in. Before drinking, give the grounds a little time to sink to the bottom.

drinking turkish coffee

How to use a Turkish coffee maker

Now that is quite a process but there is an easier solution. There are two main types of Turkish coffee maker; the traditional cezve which we’ve discussed and electric Turkish coffee makers. It all depends on whether you want an authentic experience or convenience but both have their plus sides.

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Using a cezve is beautifully simple although you’ll probably have some trial and error in getting the coffee to water ratio to your liking but that’s all part of the enjoyment.

Roughly speaking, you will need to use around 2.5 grams of finely ground coffee for every ounce of water. But as we mentioned, you may have to adjust this to your own taste.

Now add the grounds and water to your cezve being careful not to fill it to the brim. If you do this, it could overflow and you’ll be left with a mess to clear up.

You can add any sugar or sweetener to the coffee at this point.

Next, place your cezve onto a heat source, usually a stovetop and slowly heat up the coffee. You’ll get the best results using a low heat so don’t try to rush the process.

Once the liquid starts to boil, take it off the heat and allow it to cool just a little; you’ll only need to keep it off for about 30 seconds.

You’ll now need to repeat the boiling and cooling process another one or two times.

Pour the coffee into your cups and give the grounds a chance to settle at the bottom. It’s then ready to drink.

If the idea of using a cezve or other small pot doesn’t appeal to you then you’ll be pleased to know that Amazon has some fantastic alternatives. The marketplace is bursting with electric Turkish coffee makers that are as easy to use as your trusty espresso machine.

It’s a simple case of putting in the coffee and water and at the push of a button, the machine does all the hard work for you. What’s great is that most good models have options to brew the coffee more slowly so that you get even more flavour and aroma. You can also set your cup size and we think this is the future of Turkish coffee making.

What coffee should I use with a Turkish coffee maker?

The great thing about Turkish coffee is that you can use any type of coffee beans. That said, most people would opt for an Arabica bean as this gives the most traditional flavour.

It is also possible to purchase ready ground beans specifically made for Turkish coffee. Mehmet Efendi is one of the most well-loved brands.

Recapping on how to make Turkish coffee at home without a cezve

Turkish coffee is one of the oldest types of coffee in the world and is a rich, foamy drink with a high caffeine content. Traditionally, it is made in a small pot called a cezve but it is possible to make it in a regular small cup that can tolerate being on a heat source.

Alternatively, you could purchase an electric Turkish coffee machine which is ideal for people who want the convenience of a quick cup of coffee.

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