How to make Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate without a Velvetiser

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No Velvetiser? No problem. You can use a handheld milk frother and a microwave with their chocolate flakes to make a Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate without using the Velvetiser. And it tastes great.

I realise this might be a game changer for many hot chocolate lovers but it’s true. We all know Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate is delicious. You can’t be a hot choccy addict without enjoying their wonderful range of flavours.

But most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a Hotel Chocolat store nearby. But using their chocolate flakes in a Velvetiser means we can have a cup of their rich chocolate every day if we want.

But as I’ve said – you don’t need to have a Velvetiser in your cupboard to make a cup of Hot Chocolat hot chocolate at home.

Why would you not use a Velvetiser to make hot chocolate?

Well, if you’re a Velvetiser owner you won’t use anything else to make your daily treat. After all, it’s a fantastic hot chocolate maker.

Can you beat or at least equal perfection?

But if you aren’t currently a Velvetiser owner the price tag can be a real barrier. At over £100 a Velvetiser certainly isn’t cheap. Especially in these times of rising energy, fuel, and food costs. We don’t all have the disposable income to spend on what is really a luxury.

But not being able or willing to buy the hardware isn’t a barrier to anyone who wants to experience the best that Hotel Chocolat has to offer.

You can use their flakes with a handheld milk frother to make a fantastic cup of hot chocolate. And the good news is that the milk frother will only cost you around £15.

So, you can make hot chocolate without a Velvetiser?

You certainly can. You can easily make a great hot chocolate by using a milk frother with most types of chocolate. But that’s outside the scope of this article. However, you can find out more by reading this article: Easy way to make hot chocolate with a milk frother.

Let’s look specifically at how you can use Hotel Chocolat flakes to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate without splashing out on a new Velvetiser.

How to make Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate without a Velvetiser

You only need a few things:

Sachet of Hotel Chocolat flakes.
Handheld milk frother.
Glass jug (microwave proof).
220ml milk.

The process is very easy and very fast.

1: Pour your milk (whole or semi-skimmed) into the glass jug.
2: Add the contents of your Hotel Chocolat chocolate flakes to the milk.
3: Place the jug into the microwave and heat to around 80 degrees (this may take some experimentation but is 120 seconds in my 800-watt microwave).
4: Remove the jug from the microwave and stir the mixture for 10 seconds with a spoon.
5: Insert the whisk head of the milk frother into the milk, turn on, and froth for around 30 seconds.
6: Remove the milk frother, tap the bottom of the jar sharply on the countertop to settle the foam.
7: Pour the mixture into a glass or cup and enjoy.

Does it taste the same?

Well, this is the big question, isn’t it? Does a Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate taste the same if you make it with a milk frother rather than with a Velvetiser? I can honestly say – it’s not the same but it is good.

It doesn’t taste exactly the same, but the difference is small. I’m sure Hotel Chocolat won’t thank me for saying it but by combining their flakes with a milk frother you can make a great cup of hot chocolate.

The advantages of using a milk frother instead of a Velvetiser

The cost is the obvious thing. With a Velvetiser costing around £100 it is very much a non-essential item. If you can afford it, I would recommend you buy a Velvetiser. After all, you can also use it as a milk frother.

Frother and Flakes – a great combination

But, if you can’t justify spending over £100 on a luxury hot chocolate maker, then a handheld milk frother at around £15 is a great value option.

Read more: Is a Velvetiser worth it?

What about the disadvantages?

Hotel Chocolat say their chocolate flakes are specifically designed to be used with their Velvetiser and you will only get a great tasting hot chocolate by combining the two. Who am I to argue?

To get the authentic Hotel Chocolat taste you need to use a Velvetiser.

But probably the biggest disadvantage to using a milk frother instead of a Velvetiser is convenience. One of the great things about the Velvetiser is how easy it is to use.

It’s insanely simple to make a fantastic cup of hot chocolate. Pour in your milk, add the flakes, and press the button. That’s it. Everything is done for you.

But, as we itemised above, using a milk frother and microwave does involve a bit of work and faffing around. For convenience – the Velvetiser wins hands down. And, of course, by using a milk frother you would miss out on the whole Velvetiser experience.

Apart from the ease of use, you’ll also miss out on the wonderfully stylish design of the Velvetiser. Let’s face it. It’s a great looking thing. It definitely adds to the aesthetic of any kitchen decor.

The Velvetiser is of course mains powered unlike battery powered milk frothers. You really don’t want to be left unable to enjoy your hot chocolate because your batteries are dead. No worries on that score with the Velvetiser.

What’s best, Velvetiser or milk frother?

If you have a Velvetiser or can afford to buy one, then I would say it’s best to use it. But, if you don’t have one, don’t want to spend £100 BUT want to enjoy Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate then a milk frother makes perfect sense.

A good value for money alternative to the Velvetiser

A milk frother such as the Aerolatte is not only cheaper but there isn’t too much difference in taste if you get the temperature of the milk right.

Are you still undecided? Read our Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser Review for more information on this little marvel.

If you want to know more about frothers read our Buyer’s Guide to the Best Handheld Milk Frothers.

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