Hostess Milk Frother

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Yummy, Delicious and Easy To Make Coffees and Hot Chocolates.

Hostess Milk FrotherPop the milk into the frother pot, place on the hot plate, press the desired temperature setting button and you'll have delicious hot chocolate, or coffee within minutes! We love this Hostess milk frother which has a cool 80s feel to it despite being very modern looking. You can also us it to stir in your favourite hot chocolate powder while the frother is busy working to make a truly decadent hot chocolate. Because the heating plate is separate to the frother pot you can detach it for easy pouring and it's also dishwasher safe making keeping it clean a breeze.

This frother comes with a frothing pot, heating plate and clear plastic lid – so you can see the milk frothing! The handle at the side of the pot allows for easy pouring and removal from the base.

It's quite versatile too!

The frothing 'cup' is removable and has been made so that it can be used very easily by both left and right handed people which I think is a nice consideration which is sometimes overlooked by manufacturers.

Like some of the other milk frothers we've reviewed this one is also incredibly versatile – which means you get excellent value for money. OK, so you can froth milk in this, but you can also:

  • Make you favourite milkshakes a little extra special by adding both the milkshake powder and milk to the frother and produce a delicious, creamy milk shake. It will also do this with a single press of a button! Simply press the foaming button on the left (which froths but does not heat).
  • You can also do the same with hot chocolcate, I tried one of these myself the other day and they are delicious. It also means you don't get those annoying lumps of hot chocolate powder which won't stir in. The frothing action of this foamer properly whisks the powder and milk to remove any lumps and produce a deliciously silky, hot chocolate. It's also so much easier than trying to heat milk in a microwave or on pan, where it can easily burn or bubble over.
  • You can also heat your favourite soups too because this machine also has a setting where you can heat, but not foam.

Other Features

One of the huge appeals of all-in-one milk frothers is the ease of use – and clean up! I mean, if you've ever made coffee with milk in a pan you have several things to clean up when you're finished. So it's great that this Hostess frother features a non-stick interior, which is really helpful because milk can be a bit 'sticky' when it's heated. And the cup and lid are dishwasher safe.

The Verdict?

This milk frother is a great all rounder. It can heat the milk, produce a rich and creamy foam and even stir in your favourite drink powder as well as making delicious cappuccinos or lattes. It combines all the things we love: ease of use, coffee and hot chocolate! In other words we absolutely love it!


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