Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim

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Have Freshly Ground Coffee Whenever You Want It!

The only truly fresh coffee is from the beans which are ground just before making the coffee. Now you can grind your own beans at home anytime you want with this coffee mill by Hario. Simply put some beans into the top of the unit and grind away until you have just what you need. The side of the mill also come with a printed guide so you can easily see when you have enough ground beans for one or two cups of coffee.

At the heart of this mill is a ceramic mortar which, unlike its metal counterparts, will not rust or produce an odor which can taint the taste of your coffee. It also features a handle which is easily removed, so when you’re finished grinding your beans you can store the mill with ease.

The Verdict?

It really doesn’t get any simpler than this to enjoy coffee from freshly ground beans at home, anytime you want. Couple that with its compact storage and easily disassembled parts for quick cleaning this mill is a sure winner for coffee fans anywhere.


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