Do I need a milk frother to make cappuccino at home?

It’s Sunday morning and you want a lazy day…but you also want a tasty cup of coffee. If you don’t want to make the effort to head down to your local coffee shop then there are plenty of ways you can create a beautiful cup of coffee at home.

But there’s only one way to match that frothy deliciousness if you fancy a cappuccino in your own kitchen. You need a milk frother. Without one you’ll never achieve the results you’d expect from a real barista. Though I admit there are other ways to make cappuccino at home. But why would you bother?

Making cappuccino at home

One of the great things about making coffee at home is that you can put your own touch on the drink and make something that really hits the spot. But when it comes to making cappuccino, frothed milk is an integral part of the drink; after all, it is made up from one third foamed milk.

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Now, there are plenty of packet cappuccinos out there that require you to simply add hot water and stir. And I suppose they do have a place. They are great for on the go, perhaps if you’re heading out on a camping trip. But when you have an entire kitchen at your disposal, there’s no reason not to use a milk frother.

cup of cappuccino with coffee beans and croissant

A packet cappuccino doesn’t have the same frothiness and will be very flat without the same great taste you’d get from fresh coffee with milk that has just been frothed. It isn’t possible to put air bubbles into a packet and you certainly won’t be able to stir them up using a spoon.

Isn’t instant the same as other coffee?

Instant coffee is a go to for many people and when you’re in a snip for time, it is a great convenience. However, it isn’t the same as fresh coffee which is directly ground from coffee beans.

Coffee beans are roasted and ground before being added to water and then dehydrated. Essentially, while instant coffee does have the same benefits, many would agree that the process it goes through does alter the taste when compared to fresh coffee.

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Best way get this? Buy a milk frother

Why use a milk frother?

You could make a cappuccino at home without a milk frother but the benefits of doing so far outweigh not using one. For starters, these are very inexpensive tools; for a handheld milk frother, you’ll be parting with less than £15 for the very best models.

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Moreover, if you really want to create that frothy goodness that you associate with professionally made coffee, you need to be using the right tools. Furthermore, when you fancy any kind of frothy coffee, you’ll have your frother all ready to go.

Since these tools are designed just for frothing milk, you will always get the best results. When you use one, tiny air bubbles are created, leaving you with creamy, light and delicious foamed milk that is perfect for a cappuccino.

How to make a great cappuccino with a handheld milk frother

You may be surprised at how easy it is to create a homemade cappuccino. But if you’re feeling unsure, follow our simple step by step guide.

  • It is best to use full fat milk as this froths better. Pour your milk into a milk pitcher or carafe but be sure not to exceed the fill level otherwise, when the milk expands, it will overflow. Around 250ml will be enough for one cup.
  • Heat the milk in the microwave – 65 degrees is the temperature you’re aiming for.
  • Insert the frother’s whisk head into the warm milk and turn it on, slowly moving it up and down and rotating. Keep at a 45-degree angle for the best results.
  • Most people would agree that you should make your coffee before frothing your milk as the milk should be poured in as soon as it is ready so that it doesn’t lose its texture. Whether you are using an espresso machine, French press or any other type of machine, have your espresso shot in a cup, ready to go.
  • Once the milk is frothed, you will need to pour it directly onto your coffee and spoon the froth left behind onto the drink for extra creaminess and enjoy!

Barista making cappuccino coffee and pour milk frother for topping

You really should have a milk frother at home

If you want to make great cappuccino at home then it is important to have the right equipment. A milk frother is a tool designed to create foamed milk and this is essential in creating the perfect cappuccino every time. While it is possible to use a packet mix, these will never have that beautiful texture of a barista style coffee.

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