Delonghi Jovia EDG 250.B (Nescafe Dolce Gusto) Review

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The Delonghi Jovia EDG 250.B incorporates the Nescafe Dolce Gusto pod system – hence its very long name. It is one of the most popular home coffee machines available today and has a huge fan base all of whom love the drinks it can make and its sheer convenience.

Available in a range of styles (all of which are relatively similar) the Jovia EDG 350.B is one of the smallest coffee makers available and measures just 17.1cm wide, by 32.5cm deep and 22.8cm high. It cultivates a simple yet stylish appearance and typifies a well built, modern piece of kitchen gadgetry.

But is it really so great? And can it produce a great cup of coffee? It may come as a surprise that I’m possibly one of its only naysayers. But before we get onto my gripes, lets take a look at what makes up the Delonghi Jovia…

How to use the Delonghi Jovia

delonghi-jovia-side-viewWhen it comes to ease of use the Jovia has it nailed. It is fast and simple to create virtually any kind of coffee you like thanks to its simple ‘one-flick’ lever and easy cartridge system.

To get started you first need to fill the water tank – which is located at the rear of the machine. It can be simply pulled up to remove it and easily filled at a tap. You do need to be careful not to overfill it because there is no lid on the top and it can be easy to splash water around if it is too full. You must also remember to never use hot water to fill the tank – always use cold.

Once the tank is reinserted press the power button to turn the machine on. This blinks red for around 30-40 seconds before turning solid green. Once green it is ready for use. You will also find that heats up quicker the more times you use it across the day.

You can then place your cup onto the drip tray. The drip tray can be moved up and down to accommodate almost any height of cup. It isn’t too deep so you might find that taller and thinner latte glasses work best here, although it will take most standard sized mugs.

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jovia-capsuleOn top of the machine is a locking handle this needs to be flipped up to remove the cartridge holder. The cartridge holder is then easily slid out of the machine. Then all you need to do is pop your coffee pod into the holder, place it back into the machine and flip the locking handle down.

You’re now ready to make your coffee. A simple lever at the top of the machine can be pushed right to produce hot water and left for cold water. Once your cup is full push the lever back to the middle to stop the water flow.

Typically you’ll find that you need two cartridges to prepare most drinks if you make anything other than simple coffee. One pod contains the coffee grounds and the second contains the milk powder etc.

You can remove the coffee pods easily but do be careful because the pods are hot! Always hold it using the cartridge holder to carry the pod and empty it in the bin. But even doing this you need to be careful because I’ve often found that there can be a little bit of hot water leakage from the capsule and it doesn’t mind giving your fingers a pinch!

Once you’re done you can press the power button to turn the machine off or leave it and it will automatically switch itself off after 5 minutes.

Coffee Pods/Capsules

jovia-chococinnoThe coffee capsule system forms the heart of the Delonghi Jovia’s popularity and range of drinks it can produce. They are a simple way to easily create almost any drink from espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and more.

To give you an idea of what you can make, here is just a selection of the different pods available:

  • Skinny Capuccino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Grande Intenso
  • Capuccino
  • Chococino
  • Americano
  • Cafe Au Latte

There are more! But it is easy to see why people love these machines because you can get almost any kind of drink to suit almost anyone’s taste.

However, my problem with the capsules is the flavour of the drink they produce.

Outside a coffee or espresso I find the cappuccinos and lattes to be overly sweet and slightly artificial. Whilst this is obviously down to personal preference I find that, in this respect, the Jovia falls short of creating a truly authentic coffee-shop style coffee.

Plus if you’re an ardent cappuccino drinker, like me, the capsules can often be quite expensive. And you will often only get 8 cappuccinos per pack of capsules – which often retail at around £5 per pack. And, in my office, we can easily get through one pack a day with only a few people.

But this is the trade off for the convenience and speed it offers.

What We Think About The Delonghi Jovia

The Jovia represents speed and simplicity and would suit anyone who wants a great tasting coffee, but without the time it takes to create one using some other machines.

However, I simultaneous love and loath these devices and although this goes in the face of all of the 5 star reviews out there I can only give this a 4. It does create really mourish drinks but, to me, it lacks the authentic taste and texture I crave from my coffees. So, for the more ardent coffee fans I would recommend look at the Delonghi Scultura it you want truly authentic drinks.

However, for those of you who enjoy coffee and want something super fast, convenient and very affordable the Jovia should definitely not disappoint, after-all everyone loves these little machines – except, maybe, for me!

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