Is hot chocolate the same as cocoa?

best milk frother for hot chocolate

Best milk frother for hot chocolate

Milk frothers are perfect for making foamy coffees like cappuccino and caffe latte. But did you know a milk frother also makes perfect hot chocolate? The best milk frother for hot chocolate is a Severin but you can also use a handheld one. I use the Zulay Milk Boss but … Read Review →

Easy way to make hot chocolate

hotel chocolat velvetiser review

Tala Cocoa Shaker

The Tala Cocoa Shaker Helps Liven Up Your Hot Drinks! Now here’s a cool cocoa shaker if ever we’ve seen one. This retro styled shaker is immensely cool with it’s vintage shape and retro graphics. And of course it does a great job of giving a light dusting of cocoa … Read Review →