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Latte addict? You need a coffee maker with a milk frother

Everyone loves latte. So why not make yours at home instead of spending a small fortune in coffee shops?

What is the difference between AeroPress coffee and Espresso?

The difference between AeroPress coffee and espresso is that espresso has a more intense flavour. we explain all.

aeropress hard to push

Why is my AeroPress hard to push?

Are you finding it difficult to press your AeroPress. There may be a very simple explanation.

aeropress with milk frother

Best milk frother to use with AeroPress

Unless you always take your coffee black, or are happy with pouring boring, flat milk into your brew, you need a milk frother to get the very best from your AeroPress.

coffee and water

Does coffee count towards my two litres of water per day?

It seems we’re all obsessed with drinking two litres of water a day. Which can be a struggle. ‘Surely the cups of coffee we drink can count towards that target’…


How to make Turkish coffee at home without a cezve

There are so many different types of coffee but for each of them it seems that you need different types of equipment. Short of having a dedicated section of the…

making latte at home

Do I need a milk frother to make latte at home?

Who doesn’t enjoy the perfect latte? The question is, do you have to go out to Starbucks or that fancy little artisan (and expensive) coffee shop to find the latte…

What is cold brew coffee

What is cold brew coffee?

Making coffee is certainly not a simple process and there are many methods of brewing depending on what you want to create. While a lot of coffee drinks are served…

Making Turkish Coffee

What is Turkish coffee and how is it made?

When you think about coffee, Turkey isn’t one of the countries that instantly springs to mind. Yet, Turkish coffee seems to have skyrocketed in popularity and we wanted to know…

hot chocolate tea or coffee before bed?

Hot chocolate or tea or coffee before bed?

It’s an age-old question. With different answers depending on who you ask. I was always told that hot chocolate is the perfect bedtime drink as it makes you sleepy while…

How to make cappuccino with coffee pods and a milk frother

When we want or need a relaxing or restorative coffee, we are so lucky to have so many options available to us. Whether we’re a coffee connoisseur or someone who…

Does a frother make your milk hot?

One of the questions we are sometimes asked is ‘does a frother make your milk hot’? And yes, a milk does heat milk and it does this because warm milk…