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Is it worth buying a milk frother?

Popular traditional coffee drinks such as cappuccino and latte are made with a layer of foamy milk. If you want to recreate these frothy coffees in your own home, you must use a milk frother. There is no other way to make foam with that rich creamy texture you need. … Read Review →

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Milk frother videos

Unfortunately I’ve got a face for radio, an East Yorkshire accent and the camera really isn’t my friend. That said I’ve roped in a friend or two and we’re making milk frother videos we hope you’ll find helpful and even entertaining. It’s early days but we’re putting out more videos … Read Review →

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How To Make Latte Art

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How to use a milk frother thermometer

For many coffee users and milk frother owners a thermometer is a redundant piece of kit. Automatic espresso machines and electric frothers take the guesswork out of heating coffee and milk. It’s all done for you. Automatic shut offs guarantee the heating process stops once the pre-programmed temperature is reached. … Read Review →