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How long to microwave milk for hot chocolate: Hot chocolate recipe

It takes two minutes to heat milk for hot chocolate if you are using an 800-watt microwave oven. However, heating times may vary depending on the model, wattage of your…

why isn't my milk frother frothing

Why isn’t my milk frother frothing?

If your electric milk frother isn’t frothing it’s likely you haven’t fitted the whisk correctly or have selected the wrong programme. If you’re using a handheld milk frother and it…

AeroPress Tips: 10 Tips and Hints on How to Make the Best AeroPress Coffee

The AeroPress is a brilliant coffee maker. But, as with anything, there are always little tips and hints that you can pick up to make it even better.

handheld milk frother in jug with cappuccino

What is a milk frother stick?

Also known as a handheld frother this is one of the most versatile and value for money kitchen appliances you can find.

How do you use a milk frother for coffee? Best milk frothers for coffee and to use them

Using a milk frother will take your coffee making to a whole new level with you able to enjoy frothy coffees in your own kitchen.

Velvetiser Hacks: 10 Velvetiser Tips and Tricks

The Velvetiser is a phenomenon and I love it. Here’s my top hacks on how to get the best out of this little marvel.

Who invented the milk frother?

You’ll be surprised at how recent an invention the milk frother is. And who invented it.

10 Benefits of a Milk Frother. Why you need a frother

From making barista style coffee at home to saving cash on your daily spend. A milk frother brings plenty of benefits.

Does a milk frother heat milk?

Do frothers heat milk? Some do but some don’t. If you want the full answer read our article.

Is a milk frother good for hot chocolate? Can you use a milk frother to make hot chocolate?

Two questions. Two easy answers. Not only can you use a milk frother to make hot chocolate you should always use your frother when you want a rich, creamy cup…

How to use a Bodum milk frother. Tips and video on using the Bodum Latteo

The Bodum Latteo is a brilliant milk frother. Here’s how to use it and why you need one in your kitchen.

How does a handheld milk frother work?

If you’ve bought a handheld frother or are thinking of doing so, here’s our easy to follow guide on how to use your new device.