what do electric milk frothers do?

who are dualit

Who Are Dualit?

Dualit is a British manufacturer of kitchen appliances including coffee machines and milk frothers. Founded just after the end of the Second World War by a German immigrant to the UK, the brand had humble beginnings in the electric heater and toaster business. Over the years, the company has gone … Read Review →

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electric milk frother

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Milk frother hacks

Looking for hints and tips on using your milk frother? Want to know more about how to make the best froth for your cappuccino? Got a new frother and you’re a little baffled on how to use it? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Check out our milk frother hacks … Read Review →

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frothed vs steamed milk

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Does a frother heat milk?

One question we get asked a great deal is whether frothers heat milk. The answer is yes. And no. Let me explain. Some milk frothers do heat milk. These are the electric or automatic frothers. You pour the cold milk into the container and choose the ‘heat milk’ setting. We’ll … Read Review →

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