what is a coffee frother

coffee machine vs milk frother

coffee machine or milk frother?

Barista making cappuccino and pouring frothy milk from milk pitcher

handheld vs manual milk frother

Handheld vs manual milk frothers

You’re looking for a new milk frother but you’re not sure which is best for you. Do you go for a battery-operated handheld frother or opt for a manual device? Convenience, price and ease of use are just some of the things to take into account before deciding which to … Read Review →

is a milk frother worth the money

froth and foamed milk

What does a milk frother do?

Have you ever tried making a cup of your favourite frothy coffee at home but after taking the first sip, you realise that it isn’t quite the same as the coffee you get from the local cafe? The problem likely isn’t with your coffee making skills but probably with the … Read Review →


How to froth milk at home

There are some drinks that require plain milk straight from the bottle; these are notoriously easy to make at home. However, what do you do when you want to create a frothy coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen? You don’t have all the equipment that a barista has, … Read Review →

which milk froths best

man using manual milk frother

milk frother vs steamer

barista working makeing coffee with c