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nobebird milk frother whats in the box

Tried and tested: Nobebird milk frother review

The Nobebird is an automatic milk frother with three settings helping you create professional barista style coffees in your own kitchen. I road tested the frother to see how it…

what is a stovetop milk frother

What is a stovetop milk frother?

When you think about a milk frother, you probably picture in your mind’s eye one of the handheld devices that resembles a small whisk. This is indeed the most popular…

handheld vs manual milk frother

Handheld vs manual milk frothers

You’re looking for a new milk frother but you’re not sure which is best for you. Do you go for a battery-operated handheld frother or opt for a manual device?…

bodum latteo milk frother review

We tried it: Bodum Latteo milk frother review and testing

This is a great little frother. It produces rich thick foam in no time at all. It’s inexpensive to buy and very easy to use. When I put the Bodum…

is a milk frother worth the money

Is a milk frother worth the money?

It’s a no brainer. You can buy a high-quality milk frother for less than £20 and considering you can make Costa style coffees at home for a fraction of the…

£1 ikea milk frother vs zulay milk boss

Ikea milk frother vs Zulay Milk Boss – I put them to the test

Two of the best selling milk frothers on Amazon but one is as cheap as chips while the other is at the other end of the scale. The Ikea milk…


Best milk frothers on a budget

Milk frothers don’t have to be expensive. They are among the best value small appliances you can buy. And, if you’re on a budget, you can find a fantastic milk…

£1 ikea milk frother

We tried the £1 Ikea milk frother – this is what happened

It’s often the biggest selling milk frother on Amazon. In stores they’re sold in their thousands, But how good can a £1 milk frother really be? Will it actually make…

handheld milk frother pink

Milk Frother vs French Press

One of the most important elements of many coffee-based drinks is a nice foamy milk. But this is not easily achieved without the right equipment. A milk frother being the…

haddineeon milk frother review

HaddinEEon Milk Frother Review

This automatic milk frother has two whisks, three different settings and delivers barista quality foam in just sixty seconds. It’s auto cut feature ensures perfect temperatures are achieved every time….

bonsenkitchen vs zulay milk frother

Bonsenkitchen vs Zulay Milk Boss

They are the two big hitters in the milk frother world. Between them the Bonsenkitchen and Zulay Milk Boss frothers have tens of thousands of reviews on Amazon. They are…

bonsenkitchen handheld milk frother

Hands on Bonsenkitchen milk frother review

The Bonsenkitchen milk frother is one of the best value frothers on the market. At around a tenner buying this device won’t hit you very hard in the pocket but…