miroco electric milk frother

Miroco Electric Milk Frother Review

  When it comes to frothers there’s plenty of choice. It can be very difficult to know which device will be best for you. However, one that has certainly impressed us is the Miroco Electric Milk Frother. If you want to enjoy cafe quality coffee from the comfort of your … Read Review →

Bodum Latteo Milk Frother

A hand operated milk frother that’s quick and easy to use With this nifty little gadget in your possession you’ll be able to quickly froth milk for your cappuccino, coffee, latte or hot chocolate in just 20-30 seconds!  Despite being hand operated the outperforms some of its more expensive, electric … Read Review →

Krups Automatic Milk Frother

What Are You in The Mood For? Cappuccino, Latte or Hot Chocolate? I’m a huge cappuccino fan, but I’m also partial to a Hot Chocolate or Latte when the mood takes me. Which is OK because the can make all three drinks. And it does it so well. The Krups … Read Review →

Dualit Milk Frother Review

Frothy Milk In 2 Minutes! Dualit are known for producing quality, no frills kitchen aids – and this milk frother is no exception. Simply pour in the milk, turn the unit on and wait just two minutes for perfectly thick and foamy milk. It can produce hot milk, hot frothy … Read Review →

Bialetti Milk Frother

The Authentic Way To Froth Milk For Coffee! Every now and then you come across a simple but elegant foamer that’s designed to do a simple job, and do it well. That’s exactly what you you get with the . You can warm the milk directly on any gas, electric … Read Review →

Judge Heated Milk Frother Review

The Simple Way To Produce The Perfect Foamed Milk. If  you don’t like fuss and enjoy the simple things in life the Judge heated milk frother is right up your alley. This heated electric milk frother by Judge makes frothing milk for your cappuccino or latte a breeze. Simple pour … Read Review →

VonShef Electric Milk Frother Review

Looking at the Vonshef Electric Milk Frother it appears a pretty standard looking unit. However the thing which pleasantly surprised us the most when we unboxed this item was just how well-built and solid this thing felt! Like any good milk frother it can be used to not only froth, … Read Review →

Aerolatte Union Jack Milk Frother Review

Unfortunately the Aerolatte Union Jack milk frother is currently unavailable. However, we have provided images for its equally impressive, plain black counterpart. Aerolatte Union Jack Milk Frother! Wow! Would you just look at this milk frother! Aerolatte have a reputation for throwing the usual misconceptions about battery powered frothers in … Read Review →

Hostess Milk Frother

Yummy, Delicious and Easy To Make Coffees and Hot Chocolates. The Hostess milk frother is so easy to use. Pop the milk into the frother pot, place on the hot plate, press the desired temperature setting button and you’ll have delicious hot chocolate, or coffee within minutes! We love this … Read Review →

Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother

The Retro Way To Prepare Your Milk. We think the Aeroccino 3 milk frother by Nesspresso looks fantastic – its not too bad at preparing a creamy and perfectly velvety foamed milk either! The retro style case hides a wonderfully modern interior that can be set to heat in addition … Read Review →

Severin Milk Frother SM 9688 Review

The Severin milk frother range isn’t so well known in the UK. But they have a lot to offer and are direct competition to other well established brands in the automatic frother market such as Dualit and VonShef. But how does the Severin milk frother SM 9688 compare and is … Read Review →

Electric Milk Frother

A Truly Versatile Frothing Machine! We love the sleek and modern design of this device. But in addition to looking great this item has some really cool features – while still remaining easy to use. Use both HOT and COLD milk with this versatile frother. The integrated heating unit will … Read Review →