Krups EA826e Coffee Maker Review

The Krups EA826e coffee maker features gorgeous, sleek curves and a brushed stainless steel case. It’s definitely one of the best designed coffee makers we’ve seen. It is a true bean-to-cup system and features an integrated burr grinder, coffee dispensing nozzle and steam frother. And, if you’ve read any of … Read Review →

Melitta Caffeo Bistro Review

  Melitta Caffeo Bistro Review – First impressions count The initial impressions of the Melitta Caffeo Bistro are very good. It is a well constructed machine made from stainless steel and plastic and weighs a solid 9kg – so once you’ve got it setup you might not want to move … Read Review →

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

A Beautifully Quick Way To Make Fresh Coffee. Lets face it instant coffee, no matter how expensive it is, just doesn’t compare to the taste of a fresh cup. The problem is making an fresh cup of coffee can take time and during your day you may not always have … Read Review →

Krups EA9010 Coffee Maker Review

The Krups EA9010 coffee maker makes a very good first impression. It’s colourful and intuitive touch screen display and solid stainless steel case is reminiscent of a quality catering standard coffee maker. It would look at home in any top-end B&B, hotel and, of course, your kitchen! Like any good … Read Review →

Bialetti Moka Express 9 cup Espresso Maker

The Traditional Stove Top Espresso Maker The Bialetti espresso maker is instantly recognisable. It’s an iconic design. amongst coffee makers. And it allows you to make authentic espresso in your own home. With a little bit of added Italian style. Constructed from aluminum and a quality Bakelite handle, the Bialetti … Read Review →

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Review

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Review For anyone in search of a new coffee maker the Nescafe range ‘Dolce Gusto’ is a brand that would be hard to miss. Popular because of their ease of use and very simple ‘pod’ based system they have proved a huge hit and currently have … Read Review →

Breville Instant Cappuccino Maker Review

Calling All Cappuccino Lovers! You Need To Know About The Breville Instant Cappuccino Maker The amazing Breville instant cappuccino maker has a lot of useful and well thought out features. It provides a superbly easy way to take instant coffee and effortlessly make it into an authentic cappuccino. Even better … Read Review →