Coffee Makers

What is the Sage Barista Touch Espresso Machine? Is this the ultimate home coffee maker?

This is a great looking machine that will take pride of place in anyone’s kitchen. It’d packed with features which we discuss in our guide.

aeropress vs moka pot

AeroPress vs Moka Pot: Which is the best coffee maker?

They are both coffee makers but which makes the best brew and is easiest to use? We deliver our verdict.

Can I make espresso with AeroPress?

AeroPress delivers a strong cup of espresso style coffee. But it definitely isn’t espresso. The reason for this is that no matter how hard you press the plunger, the AeroPress…

AeroPress users guide and review

Easy to use, affordable, and makes great coffee. The AeroPress is now my go to coffee maker. Here’s why

Which type of coffee maker should I buy? AeroPress, espresso maker, pod machine or moka pot?

There are so many different types of coffee maker to choose from but which is best for you? We look at the alternatives.

Latte addict? You need a coffee maker with a milk frother

Everyone loves latte. So why not make yours at home instead of spending a small fortune in coffee shops?

What are capsule coffee machines and are they better than other coffee makers?

The capsule machine is one of the quickest and easiest ways to brew a coffee and more and more brands are getting in on the action.

cold brew coffee maker

What is a cold brew coffee maker?

There’s something of an art to getting cold brew coffee spot on and yet many coffee lovers still struggle with this. The key is time. If you want the very…

commercial coffee machines

Commercial coffee machines for small cafes and offices

Commercial coffee machines come in many guises and can cost up to £15,000 ($20,000) if you want to compete with Starbucks. But small cafes and businesses who want to offer…

Making Turkish Coffee

What is Turkish coffee and how is it made?

When you think about coffee, Turkey isn’t one of the countries that instantly springs to mind. Yet, Turkish coffee seems to have skyrocketed in popularity and we wanted to know…

Coffee machines for the office and workplace – how to choose your perfect coffee pot

Hasn’t it been a challenging couple of years? With the global pandemic sweeping the earth, everything we once knew about our day to day lives was changed in that instant…

Coffee machine options

Alternatives to barista style coffee machines

Many serious coffee aficionados will aspire to owning a barista machine. In some ways it’s possibly like an economy car owner wishing for a Porsche. But is the extra performance…