Best milk frother for semi skimmed milk

haddineeon milk frother


Best milk frother for thick foam

For truly thick foam to make the frothiest coffee including cappuccino and cafe latte you need a manual milk frother. This may come as a surprise but with a manual frother you can create as thick a foam as your milk allows. This is because you can keep frothing until … Read Review →

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vegan milk splash

Best milk frother for vegan milk

You can use any milk frother for vegan milk but results will vary depending on the frother. Automatic milk frothers will create the best foam but you also have to use the right milk. Many plant-based milks will not froth very well. In fact you’ll struggle to get any foam … Read Review →

barista pouring steamed milk from milk frother to make a flat white coffee


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best milk frother for cappuccino

Best milk frother for cappuccino

An all-in-one espresso machine with a foaming milk wand is the best milk frother for cappuccino though handheld whisks and stovetop models also make a mean frothy coffee. But you do have a choice between an all-in-one milk frother or to make the espresso separately. You then foam the milk … Read Review →