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best milk frother for soy milk

Best milk frother for soy milk

While many people opt to use cow’s milk for frothing, there are millions around the world who prefer a dairy-free diet. Either as a health and lifestyle choice or on principle. For those of you who use plant-based milks the great news is that there are plenty of dairy alternatives … Read Review →

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Best milk frother for cold foam

Best milk frother for cold foam

When you look at most coffee recipes, you will see that you need to first heat your milk before it can be frothed. Moreover, a lot of electric milk frothers will warm the milk up for you, so that you don’t have to lift a finger. However, there are some … Read Review →

beans to cup

What is a bean to cup coffee machine?

As if there weren’t enough different types of coffee machine to wrap your mind around, you then hear about the bean to cup machine and you are instantly intrigued. Any coffee lover will tell you that these machines make incredible cups of coffee without the hassle and offer an easy … Read Review →

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best milk frother for oat milk

Best milk frother for oat milk

Dairy isn’t for everyone. Whether you follow a vegan diet or are looking to eat more healthily, there are a lot of plant-based milks that are suitable for anyone who wants to avoid dairy products. Oat milk has become a very popular choice but one of the biggest problems for … Read Review →

best milk frother for almond milk

Best milk frother for almond milk

For anyone who doesn’t want to or who can’t have dairy products like cow’s milk, there are now a lot of alternatives. Plant-based milks are quickly growing in popularity and not just with vegans. If you’re embracing a healthier lifestyle you will benefit from switching to non-dairy. For coffee lovers … Read Review →