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best handheld milk frothers

The best handheld milk frothers for 2022: All tested

Affordable, powerful, easy to use, quick to clean, and they make fantastic foam for your cappuccino. Why wouldn’t you want one of these milk frothers?

What is the best milk frother with a stand?

A stand adds that little bit of convenience when using a milk frother. But which is the best?


What is the best milk frother for camping?

Going camping may be a way to get away from it all but you still need great coffee. And for great coffee you need a great milk frother.

What is the Sage Barista Touch Espresso Machine? Is this the ultimate home coffee maker?

This is a great looking machine that will take pride of place in anyone’s kitchen. It’d packed with features which we discuss in our guide.

Coffee machines for the office and workplace – how to choose your perfect coffee pot

Hasn’t it been a challenging couple of years? With the global pandemic sweeping the earth, everything we once knew about our day to day lives was changed in that instant…

which frother is best for soy milk

Best milk frother for soy milk

While many people opt to use cow’s milk for frothing, there are millions around the world who prefer a dairy-free diet. Either as a health and lifestyle choice or on…

lavazza vs nespresso pod coffee machines review

Lavazza vs Nespresso pod coffee machines reviewed

In recent years the convenience of the pod coffee machine has meant these appliances have become extremely popular. Glossy TV ads featuring A List celebrities have given even more gravitas…

Best milk frother for cold foam

Best milk frother for cold foam

When you look at most coffee recipes, you will see that you need to first heat your milk before it can be frothed. Moreover, a lot of electric milk frothers…

Nespresso Original vs Vertuo Coffee Machines

For today’s coffee lover, there are a wealth of machines on the market and choosing between them can be incredibly taxing. Do you go for an espresso maker, drip coffee…

beans to cup

What is a bean to cup coffee machine?

As if there weren’t enough different types of coffee machine to wrap your mind around, you then hear about the bean to cup machine and you are instantly intrigued. Any…

Which Severin Milk Frother

Best Severin Milk Frother – Which Should You Buy?

A byword for quality Severin produce a range of milk frothers. But which is the best and, more importantly, which should you buy? We look at the range and run…

which lavazza milk frother should i buy

Which Lavazza milk frother should you buy? We review all Lavazza milk frothers

Lavazza makes wonderful coffee machines and milk frothers. But which should you buy? We look at the best Lavazza milk frothers; tell you why they are so special and why…