which lavazza milk frother should i buy

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best milk frother for oat milk

Best milk frother for oat milk

Dairy isn’t for everyone. Whether you follow a vegan diet or are looking to eat more healthily, there are a lot of plant-based milks that are suitable for anyone who wants to avoid dairy products. Oat milk has become a very popular choice but one of the biggest problems for … Read Review →

best milk frother for almond milk

Best milk frother for almond milk

For anyone who doesn’t want to or who can’t have dairy products like cow’s milk, there are now a lot of alternatives. Plant-based milks are quickly growing in popularity and not just with vegans. If you’re embracing a healthier lifestyle you will benefit from switching to non-dairy. For coffee lovers … Read Review →

what is a stovetop milk frother

What is a stovetop milk frother?

When you think about a milk frother, you probably picture in your mind’s eye one of the handheld devices that resembles a small whisk. This is indeed the most popular version. But it is by far not the only one. If you want something a little more different and traditional, … Read Review →

best milk frother for coconut milk

Best milk frother for coconut milk

For many reasons, some people do not want to use dairy products in their coffee. It could be on principle, for health reasons or a lifestyle choice. Or a combination or even all three of those reasons. While this may have previously meant that coffees were more difficult to make … Read Review →

best milk frother for hot chocolate

Best milk frother for hot chocolate

Milk frothers are perfect for making foamy coffees like cappuccino and caffe latte. But did you know a milk frother also makes perfect hot chocolate? The best milk frother to use for hot chocolate is handheld one. I use the Zulay Milk Boss but I’ll also cast my eye over … Read Review →

handheld vs manual milk frother

Handheld vs manual milk frothers

You’re looking for a new milk frother but you’re not sure which is best for you. Do you go for a battery-operated handheld frother or opt for a manual device? Convenience, price and ease of use are just some of the things to take into account before deciding which to … Read Review →

people enjoying iced coffee

Best milk frother for iced coffee

For great iced coffee you need an automatic milk frother which will produce thick foam with a creamy texture every time at the touch of a button. There’s no guesswork, no hurdles to clear. Just pour in the milk and two minutes later you’ll have perfect, and cold, foam for … Read Review →

Coffe and cacao blended with coconut oil. Cup of bulletproof coffe made with a milk frother

Best milk frother for keto coffee

In recent years, following a ketogenic diet, often just called a keto diet, has become incredibly popular. Coffee forms a component part of that diet. However, since this is an entirely different type of coffee to those that you might normally make, it is important to make sure that you … Read Review →

which milk froths best


Best milk frothers on a budget

Milk frothers don’t have to be expensive. They are among the best value small appliances you can buy. And, if you’re on a budget, you can find a fantastic milk frother for less than £15. Add an extra tenner and you can choose between a handheld or manual frother. If … Read Review →