Tala Cocoa Shaker

The Tala Cocoa Shaker Helps Liven Up Your Hot Drinks! Now here’s a cool cocoa shaker if ever we’ve seen one. This retro styled shaker is immensely cool with it’s vintage shape and retro graphics. And of course it does a great job of giving a light dusting of cocoa … Read Review →

Cappuccino Cups and Saucers Set

A Great Value Way To Serve Your Cappuccinos I’ve been told (by a barista friend) that serving your cappuccino out of anything other than a cappuccino cup is a veritable coffee sin. Well, with this set of excellent value cappuccino cups and saucers you won’t need to. And, because they … Read Review →

Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils

Add The Finishing Touch To Your Coffee With These Stylish Stencils. One of the finishing touches to having a nice coffee is the trendy cocoa patterns you can dust over the top of your cappuccinos foam or on top of your latte. Now you can impress your friends and spoil … Read Review →

Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim

Freshly ground brew whenever you want thanks to the Hario coffee mill The only truly fresh coffee is made from beans which are ground just before making the coffee. Now you can grind your own beans at home anytime you want with the Hario coffee mill. Simply put some beans … Read Review →

Andrew James Milk Frother Jug – A Review

The Andrew James milk frother jug is just perfect It’s not often that we describe a jug as gorgeous. But the Andrew James milk frother jug certainly fits that description. Made from high quality grade 202 stainless steel it can hold up to 600ml of milk. Must read article: How … Read Review →

milk frother Thermometer

Milk Frother Thermometer

A thermometer helps make the perfect coffee time after time Getting milk to the perfect temperature again and again for coffee can appear to be a bit of an art known only by baristas. But now you can skip the barista training and use this handy milk frother thermometer instead. … Read Review →

Script Latte Glasses – Pack of Two

If You’re Making a Nice Drink It Makes Sense To Enjoy it From a Nice Glass… Drinking a delicious hot chocolate or coffee from a nice glass, for me, is part of the experience of enjoying a special hot drink. And these glasses do not disappoint. Must read article: Coffee … Read Review →