Bodum Glass Latte Milk Frother

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Foamy Milk at The Press Of a Button!

This milk frother by Bodum has a cool feature not featured on many milk frothers – it moves the foaming mechanism up and down in addition to side to side. This gets much more air into the milk making the foam it produces even foamier!  It features a glass beaker and foaming mechanism which attaches to the top. Inside the rubber lid 4 AA batteries are housed and has a simple to use big red button on the top to get it going. When the milk has been aerated into a foam you can remove the top and heat the milk in a microwave.

When you're done this unit is also really easy to clean and the beaker can be wiped clean or washed up with your other crockery.

The Verdict?

Our only real niggles are that is is battery powered and these can run down quickly and lack the power of some other units. It also requires you to hold the button down whilst it is frothing, which some people might find frustrating.

However, if you're after a relatively cheap, automatic frother for the occasional cup of cappuccino or latte – this is sure to please. But, for those of you who may want a more automated, mains powered device that handles the whole process for you, we recommend you take a look at our Dualit milk frother review before settling on the Bodum Glass Latte.


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