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Bialetti Milk Frother

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The Authentic Way To Froth Milk For Coffee!

81HorjB4E-L._SL1500_Every now and then you come across a simple but elegant foamer that’s designed to do a simple job, and do it well. That’s exactly what you you get with this device by Bialetti. You can warm the milk directly on any gas, electric or ceramic cooker tops to your preferred temperature. Then remove from the heat and use the supplied plunger to pump the milk into a rich and creamy foam. A dual layer of fine mesh pushes air into the milk creating a deliciously creamy foam.

This is ideal for a making your breakfast coffee or hot chocolate a real treat. You can also use this frother to make your favourite cappuccinos or lattes at home – just like in the major coffee shop chains, at a fraction of the cost!

Like all good milk frothers this one has a non-stick interior for easy cleaning and can be cleaned in the dishwasher (although a hand wash is recommended for this item).

The jug itself can hold around 1 litre of liquid, although you’ll only want to fill it around half-full to allow the milk to foam without overspilling. The single jug can produce enough foam for around 6 coffees. Although it can very easily be used with less milk if you only want enough foam for one coffee.

The Verdict?

There are certainly fancier and more feature laden milk frothers on the market. But we love the simplicity of this frother that allows you to heat and froth the milk in one durable unit.  This extremely affordable milk frother gets a definite thumbs up from us.


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