AeroPress vs Moka Pot: Which is the best coffee maker?

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If you’re anything like me you’re always on the lookout for a new coffee maker. I’ve a cupboard full of them. From pod machines to drip machines and everything in between. Some devices are of course better than others and I admit I go through phases of preferring one coffee maker above all others.

My current coffee maker of choice is the AeroPress. It’s so easy to use and more importantly makes a great cup of coffee. But I’m not averse to going old school and bringing out my trusty moka pot.

When it comes to comparing traditional and contemporary coffee makers, there is nothing more different than the moka pot and the AeroPress. But which is better?

What is an AeroPress?

I must admit I was a late convert to AeroPress. If you’ve not used one before, it’s a lightweight and easy to use coffee maker which delivers an espresso style coffee. It’s not quite as intense as espresso and makes a great base for any number of drinks from Americano to cappuccino.

Basically it’s a far better version of a French Press. You push a plunger into the chamber of the AeroPress which forces hot water through the coffee beans to make your drink. It’s super quick and easy.

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What is a Moka Pot?

The moka pot is a far more traditional coffee brewing device which dates to the early 1930s. Italian in design, this pot is used on the stove. It works by passing hot water through the coffee grounds. The extraction happens thanks to steam and while it takes a little longer, it does produce an authentic cup of Italian espresso.

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What are the differences between a Moka Pot and AeroPress?

One of the most obvious differences between these two methods is how long they each take. The moka pot requires you to wait for the liquid to boil which can take between five and seven minutes. On the other hand, an AeroPress can have your drink ready in an instant; typically, between one and three minutes.

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You should also consider that the AeroPress is much simpler to use. There’s a definite knack to learning how to use it especially if you want to avoid burning the coffee. It really takes some getting use to and, in our modern world, isn’t something most of us will want to bother with.

Brewing in a moka pot

AeroPress’s are much more compact and lightweight. This makes them ideal for travelling. While you could take a moka pot with you on a camping trip or to a hotel, you’ll also need to take a stove which is going to weigh you down. With an AeroPress you just need access to hot water.

What is the difference between AeroPress and espresso?

In terms of maintenance, cleaning an AeroPress is much simpler than cleaning a moka pot. Since the moka pot is on the stove, you must wait for it to cool before you can clean it. What’s more, the AeroPress can take as little as 10 seconds to clean whereas you may need to invest a few minutes cleaning your moka pot.

Moka pots tend to be better for making coffee for more than one person. While you can use an AeroPress several times over a large jug, a moka pot can produce the same amount of coffee in one go. Of course, there are assorted sizes, so you’ll choose according to your needs.

AeroPress vs Moka Pot – which should you buy?

If you want a traditional coffee experience, then a moka pot would be the best choice. But while tradition is nice, and with practice you will be able to make a nice coffee with a moka pot, it can be a steep learning curve.

However, this is where the pros end and the AeroPress is a much better choice. You’ll get a tasty cup of espresso in half the time and the process is so much easier to get to grips with.

While the coffee produced by both AeroPress and a moka pot are espresso stye they do taste different with AeroPress being a little milder (in my opinion) – though of course much will depend on the coffee beans you use.

All things considered when it comes to comparing the AeroPress to a moka pot I would recommend the AeroPress every time.

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