AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: Which is Best?

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AeroPress Go is a portable version of the popular coffee maker which includes everything you need packed into a single cup. It is lighter than AeroPress, has different accessories, but has a smaller capacity. Both AeroPress models use the same brewing method.

I absolutely love my AeroPress. It’s my go to single cup coffee brewer. It’s so simple to use, easy to clean, and makes a great cup of espresso style coffee. What’s not to love? And I’m not the only one. Millions of these cool little coffee makers have been sold and I suspect my wife’s experience is typical of many of those buyers.

I bought her a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Very much like the Sage Barista Touch. It looked fantastic on the kitchen countertop and cost over £500 ($613). She used it a couple of times (probably just to keep me happy) before abandoning it. Her reasons? It was too complicated to use, too many buttons, and just a big hassle when all she wanted was a single cup of coffee.

Back came the AeroPress and the expensive coffee machine was passed on to a grateful and surprised family member.

So, AeroPress is number one in one household. You can read why in our AeroPress Coffee maker Review.

Over the years the design of the AeroPress hasn’t really changed since it was first put on sale in 2005.

Coffee and AeroPress – the perfect combination

But what I didn’t realise is that there is now a second AeroPress. The AeroPress Go. So, what’s it all about and how does this new (to me) kid on the block compare to the original bad boy?

AeroPress has become one of the most popular and convenient coffee making methods since its launch in 2008. If you want something compact and easy to use, then the AeroPress has it all. But a few years after its release, the brand brought us the AeroPress Go; what’s the difference?

What are the differences between AeroPress and AeroPress Go?

The obvious difference is in concept. As can be guessed from its name the AeroPress Go is designed to be a portable version of its big brother. It’s not surprising then that there are three main differences between the two devices: size, accessories, and capacity.


The AeroPress measures 14cm x 11cm x 10cm so it’s a compact design. However, the AeroPress Go is even smaller coming in at 12cm x 9cm x 9cm. When you consider that it’s made for travel, this makes perfect sense but there’s still nothing stopping you using it at home.

And although it doesn’t appear there is much difference when the two devices are assembled, when you look at the dimensions the Go is appreciably smaller as it all folds into itself for storage.

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Of course, because the Go is smaller it is also lighter by around 60 grams. Again, this makes the Go, as intended, easier to transport and carry around. However, another thing to consider here is convenience.


One of the biggest differences between the AeroPress and the AeroPress Go is that the latter comes with its own mug. Again, this is to make travelling easier so that you don’t have to take a separate receptacle.

Moreover, when you’re not using it, everything else fits inside the mug. You then pop on the lid and put the whole thing in your bag. It’s super convenient.

The original AeroPress comes with the wonderful and mysterious funnel. This allows you to convert the device so you can use it with different sized cups. But since you get the mug included with the Go, the funnel isn’t necessary and so is not included.

Original AeroPress and accessories

You’ll also notice that the AeroPress has a full-sized filter store that can hold up to 350 filters. However, the AeroPress Go comes with a smaller holder that takes up to 20 filters. But let’s be honest, you’re not going to need 350 filters while you’re on a weekend break or long hike. If you do need that many cups of coffee, you may want to seek help.

AeroPress Go and its accessories including that cool stirrer

But one of the biggest changes to the standard AeroPress kit is the stirrer. For some reason I’m insanely pleased with this piece of kit. The stirrer with the original AeroPress is rigid whereas the Go version folds in half. Such a clever little innovation. Yes, it’s a small touch but again it just adds to the portability of the AeroPress Go.


Owing to the smaller size of the AeroPress Go, it’s only natural that the capacity is also smaller. But not by much. At 8oz, the capacity is only 2oz less than the original AeroPress, so you aren’t losing out on much. The capacity of the Go is around a third of that of the original.

The easy way to see this is the difference in the measuring scale marked on the outside of the chamber. On AeroPress the scale goes up to 4 while on the Go it is 3. Practically speaking though whilst you can make two cups or more of coffee at once with AeroPress with the Go you don’t want to attempt to brew more than one cup at a time.

Personally, this is no hardship as I only ever brew single cups with AeroPress anyway.

Is there a difference in taste?

No. As you’d expect both AeroPress products brew in the same way. Provided you use the same grounds and brewing method for each device, you’ll end up with the same cup of coffee.

Is AeroPress Go cheaper than AeroPress?

When I last checked there is a very marginal cost difference between the two devices. AeroPress Go tends to be around £1 ($1.20) more expensive. So, hardly anything. Certainly, cost shouldn’t be a factor if you’re trying to decide which of the two models to purchase. So, let’s answer the question.

Which should I buy; AeroPress vs AeroPress Go?

If you want an AeroPress to use only at home, then we would suggest opting for the original AeroPress. It’s diverse enough to be able to make drinks in different sized cups and yet is still small enough to store in a drawer or cupboard without taking up masses of space.

On the other hand, if you want something that you can take to the office, on vacation and on days out then the AeroPress Go with its handy travel features is the way forward!

An original AeroPress out in the wild

However, I do have a confession to make. I have often taken my AeroPress with me when I’ve spent weekends away. Even the original version isn’t that bulky and can be easily stored in a case. Take a handheld milk frother with you and you’ve got a travelling barista kit.

But I can see the advantage in the AeroPress Go. It is appreciably smaller so will take up less room in your luggage. And of course, it includes all those handy accessories which truly make it a portable coffee maker. And yes, it could be used at home as well so you could argue it’s the better choice.

Of course, you could buy one of each. And to be honest why wouldn’t you?

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