Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist Review: The Designer Cocoa Shaker

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We all fancy ourselves as latte or cappuccino artists. Baristas who can produce intricate patterns and designs in frothy milk. The coffee equivalent of Picasso. At least that’s the fantasy.

Speaking personally, latte art is as much a mystery to me as is nuclear physics. I don’t have a clue. My nod to it is sprinkling some cocoa powder on a cappuccino. More a blob than art.

So, I was quite excited to try the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist. After all, the blurb on the box promises that ‘everyone can make fun patterns on cappuccinos like they do in coffee houses.’

Well, we’ll see about that. But first.

Ready to unbox

What is the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist?

The Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist is a chocolate or cocoa shaker. But with a difference. It comes with six interchangeable templates which allow you to create arty designs on your freshly brewed cappuccino. Just like a coffee shop barista.

How cool is that? And it is a clever quirky little thing. But it’s also well-made and an ingenious device.

The templates are stored on the device and are easy to change around. Simply pull out the design you want, clip it to the top of the shaker and you’re in business.

The cappuccino art templates are all stored neatly in the device

Of course, there is nothing new about using templates and a cocoa shaker to create latte art (or in this case cappuccino art). Aerolatte themselves produce templates which you lay on your frothy milk and then sprinkle cocoa over to make a design.

This is the same concept. Although there is, as we shall see shortly, quite literally a twist.

First impressions of the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist

As we’ve come to expect from the makers of the original milk frother the Cappuccino Artist is a nicely designed piece of kit. It’s very compact and the way the templates are stored on the device is very clever. The problem when you use templates is usually what do you do with them after use. Throw them in a drawer?

With the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist you don’t have any such problems. Everything is stored neatly on the device. So, first impressions are good. But does it work?

How to use the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist

The premise is quite simple. Load the shaker with cocoa powder, select your design, give a sharp twist to the device and hey presto you’ll have an attractive design on your frothy milk to give your cappuccino a nice barista style touch. At least that’s the theory.

As we’ll see it didn’t quite work out that way for me. But we’ll get to that. First things first.

Step-by step guide to using the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist

As I mentioned, it’s a straightforward concept.

1 – Load up the device with cocoa powder or finely grated chocolate.

Choose your template

2 – Replace the mesh and clip on the template of your choice.

It’s easy to clip on your template of choice

3 – Turn the Cappuccino Artist upside down.

4 – Hold the device just above your frothy coffee.

5 – Give a sharp twist to the body of the device.

Ready to do the twist

6 – Your cappuccino art is done. Enjoy your coffee.

At least that’s the theory.

More blob than design

Sadly, my first attempts at using the Cappuccino Artist weren’t great. I wasn’t holding the device close enough to the cup. Lowering it to just above the milk was an improvement but – as you can see from the image below it still wasn’t much of a success. But I’ll try again.

Not a great success

So, not impressive results for me. But I’ll keep trying and update this review after a few more attempts. But to show you what the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist can do in the hands of someone with an ounce of skill – let’s see how the experts do it.

To be fair I can’t see any reason why I or anyone else for that matter won’t be able to get the same results as the gentlemen in the video. It’ll take a little bit of practise to get the knack but like most things once you’ve cracked it you won’t look back. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping.

Should I buy the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist?

Looking at other reviews I’m not the only one struggling to create a pattern. Yet other users report a great success. I think there is a definite knack to using it. But should you buy it?

I’m not convinced. You could get better results using a normal cocoa shaker and templates. Handily Aerolatte do still market their own templates. On balance I’d say to save your money.

Where the Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist does score highly is in its design.And it would make a nice (though maybe a tad frustrating) gift for the coffee lover in your life and at around £15 it won’t break the bank.

But don’t expect to be creating barista style cappuccino art straight away. You can buy it here

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