Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother

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The Retro Way To Prepare Your Milk.

aeroccino-3-milk-frotherWe think the Aeroccino 3 milk frother by Nesspresso looks fantastic – its not too bad at preparing a creamy and perfectly velvety foamed milk either! The retro style case hides a wonderfully modern interior that can be set to heat in addition to frothing the milk. The whisk itself is attached by a magnet to the the base of the interior which makes it a breeze to remove and clean. The inside is lined with a non-stick coating so you can simply wipe or rinse it clean when you've finished frothing your milk.

This device also comes with two interchangeable whisks – one to stir and one to froth the milk. Nestle have even made a convenient storage pod in the machine where you can easily store the whisks when they're not in use.

How Much Milk Can Be Foamed at Any One Time?

Depending on whether you're preparing simply hot milk or hot and foamed milk the aeroccino 3 can take 240ml or 120ml of milk respectively. Which is ideal if you're only preparing a frothed coffee for yourself. If you're making for two or more for friends you'll need to prepare one cup after another, but this is norm for virtually all milk frothers, and most can only prepare one latte glass/cappuccino worth of milk at any time. That said the quality of the foam produced has been described as like 'ice-cream' which is great considering some milk frothers I have used in the past barely make anything like a light froth on the top.

What's The After Sales Support Like?

aerocinno-3-frontIt is always a good idea to make sure you can get access to good support after your purchase; and here Nestle do not disappoint. Our research has shown that several people have contacted support staff after buying and the team at Nestle appear to have been very helpful. One tip we read they gave out even provided excellent instructions on how to  make cleaning the inside of the milk frother even easier. Simply place a drop of washing up liquid into the machine and then fill with cold water to the lower line. Then simply turn on the machine and let it automatically remove the milk for you! Apparently it breaks down and removes the milk protein.

The Verdict?

The Aeroccino not only looks the part but it also produces a beautiful foamed milk. When you couple this with the after sales support (if needed) and the quality of the foam produced we think any coffee lover who's into their cappuccinos or lattes will love this stylish little device.


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