Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

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A Beautifully Quick Way To Make Fresh Coffee.

71Kr2HT9RbL._SL1500_Lets face it instant coffee, no matter how expensive it is, just doesn’t compare to the taste of a fresh cup. The problem is making an fresh cup of coffee can take time and during your day you may not always have this luxury to prepare to nice coffee. This is where the Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker comes in.

This wonderful device makes it super simple and fast to make fresh coffee in about the same time you can make an instant! And, unlike using a cafetiere there’s no fiddly parts to wash up when you’re done.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker uses a gentle air pressure system to produce a smooth and rich coffee that does not have the over brewed or bitter flavour that you can get with coffee filters which over extract flavour from the beans.

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How to use the Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker

Using it couldn’t be simpler! Using the supplied coffee scoop, pop some of your favourite coffee in the top of the unit. Then place on one of the 350(!) included filters and pour in the hot water. Then using the plunger press down. This is so much faster than using a cafetiere and can produce a perfectly brewed coffee in less than 30 seconds without compromising on the rich flavours you’d expect from a fresh cup.

The unique vacuum system ensures only water and air come into contact with the coffee to produce the perfect brewing conditions.

615HFRrmyxL._SL1500_The best part is you can also clean it in seconds too. Just remove the cap from the chamber and remove the puck you can then give it a quick rinse or wipe and hey-presto you’re ready to make another cup!

The Verdict?

We were incredibly impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of this easy to use home coffee press.

We’ve never seen anything else like the Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker and think that its one of the niftiest, simple and amazing gadgets to come on to the market in years!

If you’re like us and want to enjoy a little bit more of your gourmet coffee throughout the day but can’t always be bothered with using and washing a cafetiere or espresso maker then this is the perfect coffee gadget for you!


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