10 wonderful Italian and European coffees you can make with your milk frother

Italians take special pride in their coffee. This is why they spend a lifetime perfecting the art of making it as beautiful and frothy as possible – you can expect nothing less than perfection from their coffees such as cappuccino, latte, or any combination thereof with espresso and steamed milk.

But it isn’t only the Italians who have wonderful coffee. Other European nations have their own frothy tradition. We’ve put them a few together for a quick look at just some of the amazing coffees you can make with your milk frother.

10 frothy coffees to make with your milk frother

1 – Cafe latte

A caffe latte is a coffee drink that is made by pouring steamed milk over espresso. The drink was created in Italy and the word “caffe” means coffee, while “latte” refers to milk. Spo never ask for a latte in an Italian cafe as you’ll be served a glass of milk. Refreshing but not exactly what you wanted.

A typical recipe for this cafe latte would be one shot of espresso combined with four ounces of water heated to between 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit, two tablespoons of whole milk, and foam on top.

A frothier version can be achieved by adding cream or half-and-half in addition to the regular amount of whole milk.

Don’t forget to try a bit of latte art as you decant the milk from your frothing jug.

However you like your latte, you can use your milk frother to enjoy the brew of your choice at home.

2 – Cappuccino

The classic Italian frothy coffee. Or at least what we in the UK and USA think of as a classic Italian coffee. We drink cappuccino seemingly by the gallon and at all times of the day. But don’t try that in Italy.

If you try to order a cappuccino after lunchtime in a traditional Italian street cafe you’ll get more than a few black looks. Some indignant waiters will even refuse to serve you (this happened to me in Naples). Italian’s say you shouldn’t have a cappuccino after 12 noon. Which has left more than one tourist most bemused.

best milk frother for cappuccino

A cappuccino is very easy to make with your milk frother. We go into detail here. But like many coffees you make at home a cappuccino has an espresso base. To make your own cappuccino use espresso, steamed milk (heated if you can’t steam your milk) and frothed milk in equal thirds.

Alternatively, go half and half espresso and frothed milk. This is easier to do and less fussing around. Simply heat the milk and froth then pour over the espresso. That’s it. Jobs a good ‘un.

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3 – Cortado

You’re looking for a new coffee drink, but have run out of ideas? Try a Cortado.

Cortado is an espresso-based coffee drink from Spain that’s similar to the Flat White and Macchiato. It has a strong taste and needs to be frothed with milk.

If you want something different than your usual cappuccino, try out this Spanish specialty.

Make with half and half espresso and milk. Use 40 – 50ml of coffee and the same measurement of milk.

Cortado is served in a small glass so don’t froth the milk too much. You want to be somewhere between the foam for a flat white and a cappuccino.

4 – Latte macchiato

Latte macchiato is a coffee drink that is typically made with espresso, milk and foam. It can be served hot or cold, but it’s usually warm. Latte macchiato has been around for over 200 years and it originated in Italy.

This beverage is usually served in a glass so you can see its various layers. A latte macchiato is made by pouring an espresso shot into a glass which already contains the frothed milk.

The ingredients can be varied according to taste preferences including adding flavours such as caramel, vanilla or hazelnut syrup for additional sweetness (or any other flavour you prefer).

The difference between latte macchiato and a caffe latte is the way the drink is poured. For a latte the milk is added to the espresso. However, with a macchiato the espresso is poured slowly into the frothed milk. You’ll end up with a triple layered coffee with the espresso making its way to the bottom of the glass.

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5 – Cafe au lait

Cafe au lait is a coffee beverage that is made with equal parts strong brewed coffee and warm milk. Named after the French term for “coffee with milk”, it originated in France as an affordable alternative to espresso.

The idea of combining espresso with hot milk was first introduced by Italian immigrants living in France, who saw this drink as a way for regular people to enjoy the taste of their beloved espresso without needing expensive equipment or training.

The name Cafe Au Lait comes from the French words meaning “coffee” (café) and “milk” (lait). It has been said that cafe au lait was created during World War II when there were some shortages of supplies such as sugar.

Cafe au lait is a more mellow coffee usually drank at breakfast with an accompanying croissant or two. You should of course use a French roasted coffee for authenticity.

6 – Flat white

The Flat White is a coffee drink that originated in Australia. It is typically made with two shots of espresso and one third of milk. The flat white differs from the latte because it does not contain any steamed milk.

It was developed in Sydney, Australia, at the Coffee Club chain when they wanted to offer an alternative to Americano style coffees without adding too much more milk or water to their already thinned out coffees.

barista pouring steamed milk from milk frother to make a flat white coffee

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about the newest trend in coffee, then it’s time to get up to speed. Flat white is a type of coffee that has taken off all around the world with its creamy milk texture and light flavor.

Despite its name flat white does have a very thin layer of microfoam. It’s difficult to make with a frother as the layer of foam is so thin. But it can be done.

7 – Café crème

This is made by adding slightly frothed steamed milk to shots of espresso that have been mixed with hot water; sometimes served with chocolate powder on top for a cappuccino style drink.

It can be made either hot or cold depending on preference, although most Italians prefer their café crèmes served cold during summer months when drinking something warm would be too heavy.

There are many variations of this drink including: café latte freddo, which is simply a cold version of the traditional café latte.

8 – Caffe Mocha

Caffe Mocha is a popular coffee drink that originated in Italy. It’s made by combining espresso, hot milk, and cocoa powder together with whipped cream on top. Of course the attraction is that it combines two wonderful ingredients – coffee and chocolate.

It’s pretty easy to make. As with the other coffees we’ve listed start with 35ml of espresso you’ve made in your coffee machine and pour it directly into your cup. Add a teaspoon of hot chocolate to the espresso and stir well.

Steam and froth your milk, pour into your milk frothing jug and pour steadily into the cup from a height of only three centimetres into the centre of the cup. As the level rises, tilt the jug more and you may find you’ve not only got a lovely mocha but you should have created a little coffee art too.

9 – Café Bombon

This is an unusual frothy coffee from Spain made with condensed milk. It’s made with equal parts of coffee (one shot of espresso), whole milk and condensed milk.

Pour the condensed milk into the bottom of a glass cup. Heat the whole milk and place to one side. Brew the espresso and add to the condensed milk. Froth the warm milk and add to the glass.

And there you are. An extraordinarily sweet and delicious coffee for you to enjoy.

10 – Greek frappe

Let’s finish with a refreshing cold coffee perfect for summer. This Greek style frappe and be easily whipped up by anyone using a handheld milk frother such as the Bonsekitchen or Milk Boss models.

Grab your trusty milk frothing jug and add two teaspoons each of instant coffee, sugar, and whole milk. Pour in about a third of a glass of water, whip out your frother and mix for around 15 seconds.

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Pop some ice cubes into a glass and pour your mix from the jug into the glass. That’s it. Easy isn’t it?

If you prefer you can do all this directly in the glass but I always prefer to prepare the mixture in a jug first.

Whichever coffee you make it’s important to remember to use the best quality beans that you can. The better the shot of espresso you use as a base the better the coffee will be. By the same token use full fat or barista blend milk to get the creamiest froth for your coffee.

Bonus coffees

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