10 Benefits of a Milk Frother. Why you need a frother

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1 – Make barista style coffee at home.
2 – Make dozens of different coffees.
3 – Thick foam in as little as 30 seconds.
4 – Easy to use.
5 – Cheap to buy and run.
6 – Quick to clean.
7 – Make hot or cold foam.
8 – Many different types and models.
9 – Use your existing coffee maker.
10 – Can be used for other kitchen tasks.

As you can see from our list there are many benefits to owning a milk frother. But let’s put some meat on the bones and go through our list item-by-item so you can see exactly why you need a milk frother in your life.

1 – Make barista style coffee at home

The biggest benefit of all and worth more than all the other plus points together.

Have you ever stood in line in Starbucks clutching your five-dollar bill or five-pound note watching the baristas and thought, “I wish I could do that at home?” Well, you can. And you don’t need a mega-expensive commercial coffee machine to do it.

Honestly, if you’ve never used one before you won’t believe how much a simple little tool like a milk frother can elevate your coffee. You’ll be astounded at the difference.

Frothy delight

At the end of the day a coffee shop franchise has a massive machine because they need to handle volume. You don’t have that worry.

If you use good quality coffee with your milk frother you’ll be able to make drinks just like those baristas in Starbucks.

The thick, creamy, and sweet foam a milk frother creates will transport the cup of coffee you make in your kitchen to a whole new level.

2 – Make dozens of different coffees

When you wanted something a little different it used to be the case that you would have to head off down to the high street and buy an expensive coffee from a franchise. Not anymore.

Almond latte? Creamy cappuccino? How about an adventurous corrado? The world is your oyster when it comes to making coffee with your milk frother.

No more queuing up for the privilege of a partly trained barista misspelling your name on a cup. Just head to your own kitchen and whip out your milk frother – along with your coffee maker of course.

If you want more inspiration head on over to our milk frother recipes page to see what you can make with a handful of coffee beans and your trusty frother.

3 – Thick foam in as little as 30 seconds

It really is that quick. Although I do admit that you must heat the milk first – unless you’re enjoying some cold brew of course.

Of course, when it comes to making the foam, techniques and timings do vary depending on which kind of milk frother you have.

If you don’t own a frother yet and aren’t too sure which is best for you read this article: What is a milk frother, how to use it and FAQs.

Let’s assume you go for one of the popular choices: Either a handheld or electric frother. Whichever one you use the timings are around the same.

which type of milk frother is best
Thick froth in seconds

With an electric milk frother you add the milk, switch on the device and between one and two minutes later you’ll have hot, frothy milk.

If you use a handheld frother you first need to heat the milk in a microwave. It will then take around 30 seconds using your milk frother to make the thick, creamy foam you can use in so many different coffees.

4 – Easy to use

I know every kitchen appliance is labelled as ‘easy to use.’ And many are completely the opposite. But, trust me, milk frothers are incredibly easy to use and you’ll be an expert in no time.

In fact, if you use an electric or automatic milk frother all you have to be able to do is to pour in milk to a marked level, turn a dial and press a button. It really is that easy.

If you don’t have an electric frother yet I would recommend the Severin SM3587 milk frother.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the manual route, a handheld milk frother is great fun to use and incredibly powerful for such a small device. Essentially a small whisk it’s extremely easy to use.

You can read this article to learn more: 7 Tips on How to use a Handheld Milk Frother.

To use you hold the frother like a pen, then simply pop the whisk head into the milk, switch on, and rotate slowly as the milk thickens and foams. You’ll be done in around 30 seconds.

If you’re looking for a handheld frother I personally use and highly recommend the Zulay Milk Boss.

5 – Cheap to buy

Milk frothers really are among the most affordable of all small kitchen appliances. Even for a top of the range handheld frother like the Zulay Milk Boss you’ll only pay around £15 ($20) although Ikea famously sell a £1 milk frother.

For decent electric milk frothers you’re looking at around £35 ($44) while premium frothers with many different settings are around £120 ($145).

As kitchen appliances go, milk frothers are unbelievably cheap. They are inexpensive to run as they hardly use any electricity and most handheld frothers are battery operated.

handheld milk frother in jug with cappuccino

Milk frothers will also save you plenty of money in the long run. As we’ve seen you don’t need to go into a franchise for that sweet creamy treat you enjoy so much but that costs plenty. With a milk frother you can make the same drink in your own kitchen for pennies.

6 – Quick to clean

I love electrical gadgets in the kitchen. I hate cleaning them. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

The good news is that milk frothers are a breeze to clean. Just hold the whisk head of a handheld frother under a running tap, shake it dry, and wipe down the plastic body with a damp cloth. Job done.

Electric and manual frothers take a little more time but again it’s simply a matter of rinsing out the jug and wiping down the body of the device. Take the whisk out of the frother now and again and hold under a running tap.

So, they are extremely easy to clean. Even for someone like me.

7 – Make hot or cold foam

Just plug in your electric milk frother and you have the choice of making hot or cold foam. Just select the programme you require.

I would imagine the majority of the time you’ll be making hot foam. I don’t honestly remember a time I chose cold foam.

But if you’re making iced drinks or prefer cold milk to hot then you have the ability to do either.

Handheld and manual frothers can make either hot or cold foam but you should be aware that heating and frothing milk does make it taste sweeter. So, if you’re looking for that coffee shop taste, I would always heat your milk when frothing.

8 – Many diverse types and models

Something which continually surprises me is the sheer volume of milk frothers on the market. Of course, with four different types, electric, handheld, manual, and stovetop it’s probably to be expected that there will be many different models available.

The number of manufacturers making milk frothers is good news for all coffee lovers as it means there are so many to choose from, at all different price points and even in assorted colours.

We’ve written reviews on many of the best-selling milk frothers. Read or consult at your leisure but also check out our buying guides for more info.

9 – Use your existing coffee maker

If you’re not already making your own frothy coffee at home, then the good news is you can start with hardly any outlay. Most of us will already have a coffee maker in a kitchen cupboard.

This could be anything from a drip machine to an AeroPress (our recommended coffee maker).

But whichever coffee maker you own you can take your home barista skills to the next level with the simple addition of a milk frother.

Of course, once you catch the coffee making buzz you’ll want to go bigger and better and bag yourself one of these beauties.

10 – Can be used for other kitchen tasks

Possibly something you haven’t considered but a handheld milk frother can be used for all sorts of different tasks in the kitchen. From whipping cream to mixing cocktails there’s so much you can use your frother for.

Read this article for more info: What else can I use my milk frother for?

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