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Do you want to know what automatic, stove top and hand milk frothers are best for 2022 & where you can buy them?

If you do, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Milk Frother World! This website is dedicated to bringing you the best frothers and useful accessories from around the internet! Milk foamers or frothers (or as they are sometime mis-pelt ‘throthers’) are everywhere from Ikea to Argos & Amazon. But which ones can be used to make foam for cappuccinos or lattes?

And, are stovetop steamers, standalone units or handheld units best? Find out on our site as we review everything from simple and elegant units right through to the powerful and feature rich models – which are sure to please any fan of coffee or hot chocolate and allow you to froth milk at home!

Not only that but you’ll also find a collection of useful accessories to compliment your existing coffee machine or any new one you buy. From latte glasses to milk thermometers. You’re sure to find what you need. Remember to check back often as we’re updating the site constantly with new and exciting products.

Best Selling Milk Frother Comparision Guide

Name Our Verdict Our Rating Price More Info

The Dualit 84135 is a great all-in-one device that both heats and froths the milk in one small, compact unit. It comes in at a price that will certainly put a smile on your face. 5 £49.99  Read Our Review

The Vonshef Electric Frother is a completely automatic unit & can heat and froth the milk without any intervention. It is solidly built & represents excellent value. 4 £24.99 Read Our Review

Severin SM9688
The Severin SM 9688 gives you more control over how the milk is prepared than any other unit & it comes with a unique heating system to make sure the milk never gets burnt. 5 £91.99 Read Our Review

The Aerolatte represents the best in battery powered frothers. It’s compact size, quality build & low price point make it excellent value. 4 £10.99 


Read Our Review

Aeroccino 3
This powerful device heats and froths milk automatically. It comes with excellent support and a simple cleaning process. 4 £65.00 Read Our Review

The Bialetti Tuttocrema can be heated using virtually any stove top. It gives you precise control over the foam it produces with it’s manual pumping mechanism. 5 £39.99   Read Our Review

Just like any good milk frother this Judge unit can heat and froth milk automatically. The unit can also easily be carried to a table for serving with friends. 4 £32.99 Read Our Review

Bodum Glass Latte
The Bodum Glass Latte appears very promising as an automated battery powered unit. But it lacks on power and can quickly eat through batteries. 3 ££ Read Our Review

A truly versatile device the Hostess milk frother can not only heat & foam milk but also prepare milkshakes, hot chocolates and heat soups! 5 £60.00   Read Our Review

Your Quick Guide To The Different Kinds Of Frother

Steamer Wand

If you’ve ever visited one of the many coffee shops that are popping up at a phenomenal rate across the UK, you will have most likely seen a steamer wand in action. Consisting of a metal tube, which is usually connected to a coffee maker, the steamer wand uses jets of hot steam to both heat and froth milk.

Typically these are considered to be the most tricky to use and require a little finesse to get just right. They are ideal if you want to create the utter-most authentic foam possible. But, because they use hot steam they do come with the minor risk that you may burn your hands slightly when you’re learning to use it – you have been warned!

They also come without the convenience of some of the other types of frother which allow you to turn them on, walk away and then return to find deliciously foamed and heated milk.

We recommend taking a look at the Magnifica coffee machine by De Longhi if you decide a steam wand is for you.

Battery Powered

Picture a battery powered frother and you’ll most likely picture a handheld whisk that has a battery pack and motor contained in a rather large handle. Then you simply hold the whisk in a container of milk and turn it on.

For the most part you’d be right, however there is another type of battery powered frother available such as those produced by bodum.

These frothers consist of a glass jug/jar on top of which you place bulky lid that contains the frother mechanism and batteries. The advantage these have over hand held frothers is that you can just leave them to work opposed to having to hold the frother in the milk.

Typically these types of frother are the least expensive of the bunch but do come with their drawbacks. The first of which is that you will need to heat the milk and secondly they use batteries which can sometimes struggle if you’re trying to foam a lot of milk – but they still get the job done.

On the whole these are ideal if you’re looking for a good entry level frother to get you started making home made cappuccinos, lattes and other foamy coffees; or if a frother is something you’re not sure you will use too often.

We recommend looking at the Aerolatte Union Jack Frother for a solid frother that’s great looking too!

Electric Frother

These by far, in our opinion, are the best of the bunch. The convenience they offer is unparalleled and they are typically much cheaper than buying a coffee machine, allowing you to get the best of both worlds: great, authentic coffee but without the price tag.

Usually they look like a tall saucepan or electric kettle that you pour milk into before securing a lid on top. They work using a whisk mechanism which is contained inside the unit. When switched on most units both froth and heat the milk at the same time, and then automatically switch themselves off when they’re finished.

The advantages are obvious here. These are great if, for example, you enjoy a coffee before or even after work and you don’t want the hassle of heating and foaming the milk yourself. Making them ideal for people with busy lifestyles. Most are typically very easy to clean too because the interior is often non-stick and the whisk attachment is easily removed.

One of the best available today, in our opinion is this Severin milk frother. It is one of more expensive of the bunch, but it is a breeze to use and clean and comes with an ingenious heating system which means it will never scorch the milk. However if you’re looking for the convenience of a milk steamer but want something more affordable we recommend taking a look at the dualit milk frother range.

Stove Top Frother

As the name suggests this type of frother uses heat from your stove to warm the milk. Often similar in appearance to an electric frother these are very hardy and require you to manually use a pumping mechanism to produce the foam. Don’t be put off by this though! You can produce a really dense foam in seconds and you have complete control over just how dense the foam you create is.

Another nice feature is that you can also dictate the temperature of the milk it produces. The only snag here is that you need to watch the milk because it can be easy to burn if you’re not paying attention. Overall these are not the quickest to use (but still only take a few minutes) and are often the most durable with the bunch, need no batteries or power to operate and have no electrical parts which might possibly fail. Great if you’re looking for a solid device that should last years.

We recommend looking at the Bialetti frother for a solid contender with great reviews.

What Next?

Now you’ve looked at different kinds of milk foamer available, and their strengths and weaknesses, we recommend taking a look at our ‘editors choice‘ selection above to view, what we believe, are the top picks from each kind. Or if you would prefer to browse to see what’s available start by looking at our milk frother section.

What About Coffee Makers?

No self-respecting site related to coffee would be complete without its selection of some of the best, new ‘built in’ coffee machines with grinders. So, if you’re after a more complete coffee making solution we recommend taking a look at our electric coffee makers section. This contains everything from where to buy them online (for money saving deals!) to reviews on ‘single cup’ and ‘single serve pod machines’ right through to built in makers and units which are ideal for the home and office.

You can find some of the more basic machines such as the Delonghi Scultura which offers an authentic coffee experience, without the hefty price tag, right through to the top end models available for the home like the Melitta Caffeo Bistro – which simply wowed us with its true bean-to-cup functionality and ability to prepare great coffee.

Not only that but you’ll also be able to find some fantastic ‘mid-range’ gadgets such as the Breville VCF011 Instant Cappuccino Maker. This nifty device takes regular instant coffee and uses an ingenious, automated system to create hot and frothed milk for a decent cup of cappuccino. It is also incredibly cheap.

However, if you’re after pure convenience and a reasonably good coffee you might want to look at the Nescafe Dulce Gusto Oblo because of its ability to create gourmets coffees easily and quickly.

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